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It is truly an honor to again share with you an icon & a fragrance that is quite special as it so eloquently says beauty, class and sophistication. It is truly a must have. Diana Vreeland; A Fashion Icon known for her work in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, touched so many lives and her empowerment remains. I must share a luxury fragrance that makes every moment & every movement vivacious. I was introduced to this amazing scent in the Big Apple and it changed my day & entire mood instantly. During a stressful day that was overwhelming with airline travel, non-stop phone calls, text messages, emails, sales reports, event planning, subway rides and back to back business meetings (yes all in 1 day); this became a day of feeling extraordinarily beautiful followed by constant compliments, nice smiles & great vibes; even a bit of flirting in between. One squirt followed by compliments from strangers with... "Hello, you smell amazing" & "Hi, may I ask what fragrance it is you're wearing?"... often lead to great conversations, generous smiles & positive energy all while moving through the busy streets of Manhattan, New York. I now wear a fragrance that speaks to strangers & without words. A fragrance that definitely suits my personality. A fragrance that demands good energy. A fragrance that is also quite perfect for fall & winter months. An old friend called me up from Chicago (after hearing about how great I smelled at a dinner party). She asked with strong curiosity "Nakeah, how does it smell?" My response, "Very Sexy". It is perfection. With her busy schedule as a attorney, wife & mom, I'm glad it even made her stop to pick up the phone that day. We truly enjoyed catching up. Again, it brings such beautiful vibes. Compliments roll in continuously when wearing this fragrance and I greatly recommend it for every woman's personal fragrance collection.

In honor of Fashion Icon "Diana Vreeland", Vivaciously Bold is a fragrance inspired by a woman who changed the way many experienced fashion. She is still recognized as the "Empress of Fashion" and continues to impact many lives in the most beautiful ways. Her fragrance, I highly recommend for the holidays & beyond. Enjoy!

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Barney's New York pays homage to Diana Vreeland in Paris:

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