Virtual Beauty

Effective March 2020, it became a fact... We now live in a world of virtual connections and as a Beauty Expert, I'm often asked daily to share makeup and skin care tips to help ladies & gentlemen around the world with enhancing their skin's appearance for those virtual business meetings, virtual holiday parties and for the new world of connecting virtually for events. Ya' know, I cannot say this enough "When we look good, we FEEL good." And although you're working from home or you're home enjoying an online event, it's important that your virtual appearance represents you well. Previously, during the pandemic with great pleasure I shared Proper Beauty Sanitation Tips (Blog Title: "Non-toxic & Loving It"), followed by ways to stay positive during these uncertain times (Blog Title: "Pandemic Positivity"). Click the menu above, choose the "BLOG" option to view previous posts. Enjoy!

As I share these tips, I'm enjoying the view of my Christmas Tree while sipping on my hot cocoa on a chili, but very beautiful LA winter night. I so love sharing tips to help others. It's very easy to fall into a rut while spending more time than usual in the comfort of our homes. While remaining safe, I want you to look & feel your best while connecting virtually and beyond. It is true... self care is the best care.

1.) The Start:

Remember, healthy skin is essential and it all starts with excellent skin care. It's so important that you have a consistent skin care regimen to ensure healthy skin with and without wearing makeup. I share with my students and customers, "let's please not pack on makeup to cover up a problem, but let's fix the problem while allowing those pores to breathe". Quality, natural ingredients truly matter. Cleanse every morning & night. Moisturize morning & night keeps the skin well hydrated. I recommend exfoliating twice a week which gets rid of all dead & dry skin cells. During the winter months, I do also recommend a great lip scrub to prevent dry, chapped lips. Keep your lips moist underneath your mask during Covid-19. It's important that your lips are well conditioned with a quality lip balm. And most importantly for your flawless finish and for those virtual meetings, use a talc-free foundation which allows a natural but flawless appearance. All of the above and below will guarantee a great appearance. I welcome you to enjoy all-natural, non-toxic, animal cruelty-free skin care + foundations by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood. Our specialty is healthy, radiant skin for both men & women.

2.) The Skin:

For virtual meetings, always-always wear a good quality foundation. This gives a fresh even skin tone which is very pleasing to the eyes both virtually and in-person. Make sure your foundation matches your natural undertone perfectly. For assistance, take our Foundation Quiz. We'll make sure you're matched to perfection for those virtual meetings which assures that your skin has a natural but flawless appearance preventing the distraction of skin blemishes or discoloration. Add concealer under the eyes also helps to keep the eyes refreshed while preventing tired eyes for those long workdays.

3.) The Lips:

Add a pop of color on the lips. Depending on the type of virtual event you're attending, determines the lipstick or gloss shade that you should choose. For daytime virtual events, go with a soft pink, peachy lip or even a brown lip tone. Prevent using tones that are completely nude & muted to prevent appearing washed out. For virtual encounters, use lip colors that are soft, deep or bright. For evenings, add a pop of color to the lips such as a rich red tone or a gorgeous fuchsia.

4.) The Cheeks:

Bring total balance to your face for the screen. Enhance those cheeks. Add a soft blush on the cheek bones. Remember to blend it well with your blush brush or you can use your foundation brush to smooth out your blush color while blending it into the skin, preventing your cheeks from appearing overdone. Blush balances out the face tremendously. A touch of bronzer on top of your blush works well too. Be sure not to add too much bronzer as your cheek highlight. Rather business or personal, these tips will ensure that your virtual image remains clean, fresh, yet sophisticated.

5.) The Eyes:

Wake up those eyes! Always add eyeliner. I recommend a powder liner on the bottom lash line opposed to a pencil to prevent your liner from running or appearing waxy to your computer screen viewers. Pencils as well as liquid liners can sometimes appear waxy. Again, this could be a distraction on the computer screen. My team and I use black eyeshadow as eyeliner. Gel liner works great as well. Apply it softly underneath the eyes - bottom lash line. For lighter skin tones, a brown liner works beautifully on the bottom lash line. For darker skin tones, use black as your eyeliner shade. For an extra pop of glam, go for the Nakeah Fuller Signature Look. It's quick & easy glam for those very busy days. Don't be afraid to add some glam with color. This can be quite pleasing to the eye as well. See image above as I sit at my desk in front of my computer for back-to- back virtual meetings followed by a family birthday celebration. Add a pop of blue or green shadow as your eye liner. Have fun with it and please feel free to contact my Beauty Team for further advice and/or product recommendations. We want you naturally flawless always! For the top lash line, always use black for those virtual meetings. Apply a thin straight, even line. Remember, the top lash line is optional. The bottom lash line should be a must have. Add mascara or false lashes and you're truly ready for that virtual connection.

Embrace your flawless virtual appearance. It certainly helps to enjoy the new normal of connecting virtually, even as we all look forward to connecting safely in-person again. Either way, I hope you'll find the above tips helpful.

Happy Holidays to you!

Nakeah Fuller

Instagram: @nakeahfuller