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The Perry Way! Happy Birthday To Me...

To wrap up 2019 & excitedly kick-off the new decade strong, I jump-started my birthday celebration on Sunday morning, December 29th empowered & surrounded by 100+ amazing women thanks to Lisa & Reginald Perry. As many asked for weeks prior "Nakeah what's the plan for your birthday this year?", I knew I'd be visiting family in Texas for the holidays, followed by teaching a makeup class there while arranging a few business meetings and taking care of customers, so I decided to celebrate my birthday in Dallas. Shortly after finalizing travel plans, I was asked to be the special guest speaker for the 2nd annual Holiday Fun Brunch hosted by Lisa Perry of Dallas, TX which took place on my birthday. It all worked out perfectly! Lisa & her husband Reginald are a power couple that I've admired for many years. They've celebrated with me in Los Angeles and have supported my vision for some time. This was my first appearance at their brunch in Dallas, TX and I was very impressed for many beautiful reasons. The room was filled with such great energy and took place in the private event room at Blue Mesa Grill in Plano, TX. As the room was also filled with many of Dallas' Finest, it was so wonderful to experience ladies from around the world come together to empower one another while exchanging gifts, sharing genuine love while celebrating one another. We enjoyed great laughs. I witnessed beautiful gifts being exchanged around the room as ladies uplifted one another so eloquently. The beauty of giving flowed throughout the room including numerous beautifully wrapped, over-sized packages from many favorite luxury brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci & more. As a Renowned Beauty Expert, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Educator, I was happy to provide a 7 minute make-over in front of the audience... A makeover perfect for every busy women-on-the-go. Lisa as the hostess selected the lucky winner. Enjoy the photos below. Following, I embraced the mic & shared my story as a true passion follower; a Beauty Expert & Professional Makeup Artist from Texas who moved to LA many years ago to pursue my dreams followed by the story & vision of my Organic, Animal Cruelty-free Beauty Empire: Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood -

Enjoy the Video & Exclusive Interview

My goal at every speaking engagement around the world is to encourage others to follow their dreams while also striving to look & feel their absolute best. It can be done quickly & easily. Most of our schedules are very busy. It's important to learn awesome techniques from a true professional; one with proven credentials. It's essential to know techniques that are suitable for one's personal lifestyle, skin type, desired appearance & career. Our overall image plays a very important role both personally & professionally. As I travel the world sharing & educating, ladies of all walks of life often stress their concerns and their reasons for not taking the time to enhance & execute their inner & outer beauty. Either the makeup they feel can be too heavy or it doesn't match their natural undertone. Or, they're hesitant to enhance with makeup due to previous not so good experiences, bad product ingredients that caused a negative skin reaction or bad photos. Or, it may simply be due the lack of understanding the how, when & where to apply the many different products that are often demonstrated. It can all be quite overwhelming for many. However, there is a natural & very flawless remedy as a lot of what we see today can be unnecessary. For the most part, many are not actively enhancing to truly look their absolute best for various reasons as I hear it daily as ladies reach out for help. Some aren't walking in their full potential of being naturally flawless while occasionally adding a pop of glam due to the lack of "know how", the "lack of product quality" or due to the "lack of time". Therefore, every chance that I get to demonstrate & share at speaking engagements & beyond, I jump right on it. It's always a life-changing experience I'm told. I will also share that Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood is quite fortunate to have the remedies to address all of these known matters; with proven results as many lives around the world are being changed due to the exceptional quality & the proven knowledge behind the brand. Read more & please feel free to contact us for questions.

I'm truly grateful that Lisa invited me, giving me the opportunity to share beautiful news in my hometown during her annual women's brunch. Sharing is caring and I truly care with quality product that is truly making a difference. During the brunch, I met so many amazing women as GOD continues to confirm "purpose". I often share the importance of always surrounding yourself with greatness and greatness filled that room! For many, 2020 will be a year of purpose, strong confidence, clear vision, great relationships, dynamic success & complete flawless'ness!

Enjoy the great behind the scenes below. Event Photographer: Eva Gray Coleman. Thank you all for joining me on my blog. Let's continue to uplift & celebrate one another as we start an amazing new decade.

Again, "thank you" Lisa & Reginald Perry for being totally awesome! Your 2nd Annual Women's Brunch was truly "All Things Beauty"...

Happy New Year!!!

~Nakeah Fuller

The Beauty Expert

Instagram: @nakeahcosmeticsofhollywood

Facebook: nakeahcosmeticsofhollywood

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