The Beautiful Nail Gang!

Updated: Oct 3


Being in a gang can indeed be positive when it includes ladies & gentlemen spreading love & beauty while enjoying great self-care. Although I've missed you guys a great deal, I've so enjoyed taking some time to focus on great self-care; mentally, physically and emotionally. It's also wonderful providing beautiful services that enhance others in many ways. But I must say, it is quite amazing to be on the receiving end as well. Hey, who doesn't love looking at beautiful hands? Proper nail care is very essential in our lives and can make a major difference in one's image and appearance. Life if full of stress. Getting a great mani/pedi is a major stress reducer. And remember, proper nail care is a form of good hygiene and awesome self-care that is definitely worth the time. The hand and foot massage that comes along with it is great for our blood flow & circulation. While the benefits of both manicures and pedicures can be great, it’s important to go to a licensed and reputable nail salon for any nail treatment. Also, because many including myself work closely with others, our hands are often the first thing noticed. Read on as I share wonderful experiences and superb recommendations in my hometowns.

I'm quite particular when it comes to my nail's appearance and my nail technician. We all should be for many reasons. Everything matters from the professional environment during the process, the overall cleanliness, sanitation, to the customer service, the application process, the quality of the products used, the communication both before the appointment and during, the shape of the nails, the quality of the polish used, and the overall outcome of it all. Just like most, I've had some great experiences, but I've also had some really bad experiences when it comes to receiving proper care and proper service. All the above mentioned are very important factors for important reasons. Bad nail care can lead to fungus, hang nails, nail discoloration, Ingrown nails, or nail diseases such as Bacterial Paronychia, Onychomycosis, Psoriasis or Paronychia. Each are serious diseases that are detrimental to our overall health. Keeping your nails clean and done regularly by a true professional can decrease any and all these risk. It's important to understand proper nail health, nail safety, and maintaining self-care consistently, far beyond just focusing on nail art and the latest trends. Having a nail salon & a nail technician who you can trust is essential for both men & women. One who can provide proper nail health, proper cleanliness, excellent service, nail safety along with providing the latest styles, great quality products all while knowing the latest nail industry trends. This all can be a beautiful treasure. Remember, never settle. Know what you want and need. Ask for recommendations. Read on to learn more about the importance of great pedicures for both men and women.

Nails have been a great part of beauty and fashion for decades. Colors, shapes and styles bring forth great energy. Growing up, my mother always had beautiful nails. I recall that her natural nails were always thick and healthy. She kept her nails well-manicured always and when false press-on nails became popular in the early 80's, she had beautiful garnet red nails with gold designs. Later, I recall acrylic nails becoming a thing in the early 90"s. I can forever remember her nail technician being very kind and my mother always leaving her ready to go dancing. I also remember one particular Christmas; my mother gifted me a false 14k gold nail to wear as a beautiful accent piece. LOL! This was a form of jewelry. I felt like a queen with my 1 gold false nail which accented the other 9 nails so glamorously. In college, I would do makeup in my dorm room to make extra money to maintain a fresh set of nails and a pedicure. Later in life, as an adult in my late twenties, once I relocated to California, I went on the hunt for the perfect nail technician in Los Angeles. I knew LA would be home for many years. It took a while to find someone who was personable and cared about having me as a happy customer, although nail salons were everywhere! I noticed a serious lack of customer service and great nail care. It appeared that each customer was just a number... "Next! Are you next ma'am?" I experienced horrible nail fungus after visiting a few nails salons (on both my hands and feet). I was forced to use antibiotics and fungus drops morning and night. Eventually and many years later, I was introduced to a Russian Nail Spa known as Ma Jolie owned by nail technician Fatima who's from Russia and who is very welcoming and talented. She takes her time while making sure that her customer's hands & feet look naturally amazing, even if your services are provided by a technician on her team. Fatima is always kind and very professional. I immediately noticed her great customer service each time that she greets me upon arrival and walks me to the door with a smile following my appointment. My Russian Mani/Pedi is always exceptionally beautiful. The skills and quality are both quite evident. Appointments must always be made weeks in advance.

Being that my company's headquarters is located in Dallas, TX, I often hit the ground running when I land back home in Los Angeles, CA following meetings and travel. I'm booked to work on numerous tv shows and commercials and once I land, I often head straight to prepare for to be on set for long hours. Therefore, I realized that having a great nail technician and a great pedicurist while in Dallas would be very helpful for me at times. I can take care of this particular self-care task while I'm away on business and in between my staff meetings or between family time. Therefore in recent weeks, I began to google nails salons who specialize in great acrylic nails near our offices in Downtown Dallas. I also knew that I wanted to try a few unique designs from time to time. Some form of nail art that isn't junky or overkill. I've never really been into nail art, but surprisingly & lately I've wanted something new, fun, yet clean, unique, but also suitable for certain occasions that fits my personality & style. I called Urban Nail Bar in Downtown Dallas. Pink Toes is also located in Downtown Dallas; also highly recommended. However, I have acrylic nails. I was very specific when I called both locations in search of the right nail artist & pedicurist. A nail technician by the name of "Bre" was highly recommended by Urban Nail Bar because she specializes in healthy acrylic nails and unique nail art (her work shown in the video and images above - see more via her Instagram link below). I went in to meet Bre before my flight back to LA. I also met "Ruby" during a different time that Bre was out sick. They both do beautiful work. I immediately noticed that Ruby is also very talented and quite knowledgeable when it comes to proper nail care and the quality of products that are used to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting, healthy outcome. For my pedicures, "Gabby" is fantastic! I'm very pleased with the services and outcome of my pedicures as well. It is so very important to get quality pedicures regularly. Gabby is a beautiful treasure in Dallas. Their great qualities at Urban Nail Bar were easily recognizable by me because I am the same exact way when it comes to excellence in service and in quality makeup and skin care. No one can b-s me, not even with a fancy marketing campaign. I appreciate the fact that she knew exactly what I wanted in a nail technician and in a pedicurist. I enjoy relaxing at Urban Nail Bar and I appreciate the clean atmosphere and the positive energy there. A very clean & well sanitized environment with professional staff should never be ignored. I always land back in LA very relaxed and ready for the entertainment world with beautiful hands & feet.

To all of my fellow beautiful nail gang members around the world, I'm quite sure you understand the vibe of this message and it's wonderful celebration. Often our hands are the first impression given on a daily basis. If we're wearing open-toe shoes, our feet speak very loudly - without words. Regular pedicures promote great hygiene, beautiful self-confidence, great nail health and also prevent infection. Ingrown toenails are a common and painful issue that can plague men and women. Regular pedicures increase great blood circulation in our feet. Having the right pedicurist makes a major difference. Getting. foot and leg massage during pedicures will also increase the lymphatic drainage that is responsible for removing toxins from the body. Through this massage, you should find yourself feeling relaxed and detoxified. Stress has been linked to a number of factors such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and is even a cause to blame for a weakened immune system. By incorporating regular pedicures into your routine, the nature of the experience should ease your tension, promote relaxation, and lower your stress. Both Gabby and Bre at Urban Nail Bar provide excellent service for both men & women and I love the fact that they both confidently take their time to do a great job. Each take great pride in their work. I even noticed that they're both amazing at nail shaping and choosing the right colors for their customers. If I say, "I want soft pink polish today", Bre brings me 4 shades of soft pink to choose from. Gabby will recommend even more options. I'm also excited to share that Bre's design skills are truly on an advanced level. Exactly what I was looking for in a nail tech. Oh and by the way, I recently discovered that my brother tutored Bre when she was a child. Go figure! GOD always brings things full circle and with great confirmation.

Along with my very pretty pedicures by Gabby at Urban Nail Bar, Bre & I are having a wonderful time with my nails as you can see in the pics and videos here. I am bringing her to Los Angeles soon. I must! My clients are on me to do so. If/when in Dallas, go & enjoy the services. I hope you enjoyed the snippet on TikTok. Remember to follow me on TikTok & on my personal Instagram @nakeahfuller. You'll soon find my new beauty collection at and on @nakeahcosmeticsofhollywood on Instagram. Stay tuned as I will continue to share more beautiful nail gang news & insider tips. Bre and I have some gorgeous plans for even more nail fun for upcoming events. Follow Bre on Instagram too @sittingprettynailz.

Urban Nail Bar "thank you"! I am happy that I found great nail technicians and the perfect pedicurist there. I wish I could pack them both in my suitcase. Having beautiful nails is a major part of our mental and physical self-care and those two ladies get that. I want to encourage you to take some time for yourself on a regular basis. Enjoy great service. Embrace taking care of your hands and your feet. Enjoy the wonderful energy that it brings. You deserve it! It's pretty awesome being a part of the worldwide beautiful nail gang. If you haven't done so already, join us! Enjoy every moment of having & maintaining beautiful, healthy hands and feet. Sit back & relax. And always remember, "you deserve the very best!"

-Nakeah Fuller