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Pandemic Positivity

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

During such a crazy time for all of us, I'd like to take an opportunity to share and encourage my readers with ways that we can all strive to remain positive. It's gonna take a bit more determination and strength than usual . Less than 6 months ago, no one could've ever imagined a time such as this. And, I'm certain that many of us hoped this would've all been over by now. What a major adjustment the pandemic has caused for each and every one of us. A time that we actually cannot leave our homes without covering up our face. A time when we cannot socialize or dine-out freely. A time that we have to be cautious with every step and with every breath that we take. A time when family, friends and co-workers have lost their lives and/or the lives of love-ones due to a virus that is seriously life threatening to any & everyone. A time when many have lost their jobs due to a sudden shift in the economy. A time when boarders & supply transportation have been delayed and shut down; therefore shipments and supplies to businesses in our country aren't being delivered as usual. A time when businesses around the world have shut down or they're struggling to remain open. Something that also comes to mind as I type this, is a recent video that was shared with me via Instagram of a nail salon here in LA currently providing services (both nail services including pedicures) to customers who are set-up & packed outside along a dirty sidewalk. Customers are actually there for services as the business owner promotes this being the only way that he's able to keep his business open. Talk about crazy times. It all is quite surreal. We must pray, remain safe, be hopeful and go the extra mile to remain positive during an uncertain time. Here, I will share a few tips that have helped myself and others to remain strong and hopeful while continuing to focus on growth... mentally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mentally: Our mental health determines our overall well-being and helps us to deal with the challenges that we face in our lives. During such a trying time, this is a time that we can truly get to know ourselves in every way. And yes, every negative can be turned into a positive. Having great mental health is essential. Have you ever noticed that some people panic and/or fall into a deep/dark depression more quickly than others? However, some are able to overcome obstacles by picking up the pieces and moving forward faster than others? This is due to having a stronger mental state. Having a great support system can make a difference as well. And I'm speaking of mental & emotional support, not just financial. Great mental health is something that everyone should definitely strive to have; in spite of what we have or have not been through, it is a day-by-day process. As well, in effort to keep my mental strong, I limit myself to the daily news & non-stop social media. Yes, it's important to know what's going on in our world; however, your own self-mental needs come first. I do recommend watching CNN as a reliable source while remaining up-to-date on our economy status including Covid-19 updates and politics. However, do not drown yourself with it. Put your mental health needs first, always. Update yourself, and get back to reading that book, exercising, enjoying your music and planning your future. Stay away from large crowds and be very cautious while keeping in touch with family and friends virtually. Surround yourself with positive affirmations. Focus on everything that you love to do. Paint, sew, bike ride, skate, cook that new recipe, get better organized and read that new book. Take warm, candle-lit bubble baths, dance, blog, be creative; no matter what it is that you enjoy doing, now is a great time to execute those things. Do the things that you didn't have much time to do before now. Focus on having great mental health which requires self effort and necessary tasks that we must do for ourselves. Do the things that make your inner-self happy; which strengthens you mentally.

Financially: In spite of what anyone may think or say, this time can be the perfect time to launch that business you've been thinking about. Focus on doing what sets your soul on fire. Educate yourself. Learn every aspect of your passion. What does it take to trust your vision and to truly thrive? Find the right mentor. Work on your vision board and your business plan. Start small and build. You can do it! If you're working from home, utilize the extra time that you normally spent commuting and put that time towards doing great research, organizing while focusing on your marketing needs for your business. In my latest digital course, I share specific marketing strategies for every business level; large, small, new or old. At this time, make every penny count towards your future. Everyone's online at this time, so begin building your email list by asking your family, friends and colleagues to join your email list. Utilize this time to create great content. My course shares specifics regarding this subject as well. As far as shopping, now is the time to only focus on your needs; opposed to your wants. Focus on the needs for your business & future. Your wants will be fulfilled and at the right time. Now, is the perfect time to save as much as you can, while setting up your business and preparing to move forward with it; even virtually. Don't be afraid to start. Even if it's just starting your business plan, your logo design, choosing your brand colors, ordering those business cards, finalizing your marketing material while also solidifying your company's mission statement. Pace yourself and write down your daily, weekly and monthly accomplishments; both personally and for your business. Start and build your brand at this time. As an owner of multiple brands, during this pandemic, even more have reached out to me from around the globe and asked me "How?" Therefore, while mentoring many from different parts of the world, I've also designed a Digital Course that is now LIVE with step-by-step knowledge and proven success. Enjoy!

Physically: I was so inspired by one of my students in NYC who for the first time in her life, has become physically fit & yes during the pandemic. She has allowed no excuses. It's been so inspiring watching her transformation during our online training sessions. While many have been speaking of, or should I say blaming the pandemic for their "Quarantine Weight"- a new term & excuse that we often hear; all while others are taking advantage of this time to get their health and weight under control. All a part of remaining positive and preparing for a brighter future. Now, we have the extra time to workout and to focus on eating better. Let's take advantage of every moment that we can. No more excuses of a busy work schedule, etc. Me personally, during the pandemic, I now have the time to walk in the mornings and/or evenings. We must schedule this time for ourselves. Yes, gyms are closed but guess what? YouTube never closes. I discovered and saved all of my favorite workout videos while sharing them with family and friends. Here's one of my favorites for my workout at home regimen. My family loves it too! Let's refuse to come out of this pandemic weaker; but much stronger. It's much easier to sit around on the sofa and snack on junk foods, now that we're all home more than usual. I'm a witness to that. However, I realized that when I put in time for exercise, I don't want to waste that greatness and the extra time on eating junk food and feeling bad about it. So, I loaded up my fridge with fish, chicken, veggies; along with all the things that I love to make delicious salads. I've also made a record of some new healthy recipes. As a desert lover, my treat from time to time is "Halo" ice cream. Here you'll also find a few great healthy desert recipes.

Emotionally: It is so easy to have an emotional breakdown or be affected when you're surrounded by all the negativity of Covid-19 and everything that's going on in our world today. I often ask others and will now ask you to please be kind and more considerate of others. Remember, we're all in this together. Now more than ever, it's important that you make special efforts to be kind & generous to others all while doing the things that you love to do as you consistently focus on being safe. Take care of yourself, in every way. Make a special effort to relax with a good book. Also share your good read with others to help them discover ways to relax emotionally and mentally as well. Share this blog post. Copy the link in your internet browser to share it via text, direct message via social media or share by email. Replenish your mind frequently. Keep positive affirmations around your home; on the fridge, on the mirror in the bathroom and in your home office. Add those positive affirmation as your phone, tablet and laptop screensaver. Read them daily. Schedule time to watch your favorite movies and tv shows, including shows that make you laugh. Use your time wisely for emotional strength. Schedule movie nights at home. This helps to take your mind off of everything else. Also, schedule time to call up that friend or family member that cracks you up. Laugh out loud a lot. Also, check on your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Lend them all words of encouragement. Be the light in a dark world. Make an effort to support small businesses. Many small business owners are frightened to death right now. But your support truly helps. Send the business owner a greeting card to encourage them. Send an amazon gift card or a gift card for a nice lunch or dinner. For your emotional state, I also recommend writing down all of the things that help to keep your emotions well balanced. Write them down and review them regularly. For me, that is prayer every morning and evening, a good workout at home or a walk around the neighborhood, a good movie, accomplishing my goal of eating better interior decorating and ways to strengthen the growth of my business while providing the best of the best for my customers. Do things that make you proud of yourself. Making excuses isn't one of them. I also wrote down "no excuses". Excuses bring self-disappointment which can lead to silent mental punishment; which is bad for your mental health. Be proud that you got things done and with no excuses. Mentally & emotionally celebrate your daily & weekly accomplishments. And remember, you've got this!

Spiritually: It's so important to pray often while feeding our spirit. Recharge and replenish your spirit with the word of GOD. This is spiritual nourishment; which we all need. Besides, knowledge is power. The more we learn, the more powerful we are against obstacles. Although churches are closed during the pandemic, enjoy the word of GOD online. This has blessed my soul during such a crazy time. I enjoy the Holy Spirit that speaks through Bishop T.D. Jakes and my pastor here in LA, Bishop Noel Jones. I often share the messages with my family and friends and they always thank me. You never know how much it will help someone else as well. When I feel weak mentally, emotionally or spiritually, I always know it's time to replenish with GOD's Word. There's much, much power there. A dear friend recently introduced me to a great new podcast by Michelle Obama. Next, as you nourish your spirit, also make time to turn on your favorite music while you're cleaning and organizing around the house. Dance! You've still got it! I bought new headphones and I often turn on Stevie Wonder Radio via Pandora and jam to some good old school or Ella Mai. Groove and welcome in all the good vibes. The beauty of smartphones and smart tv's is the fact that we have access to great music, great movies and YouTube 24/7 and everywhere we go. While taking that morning or evening walk, turn on some good music and jam to the beat to clear out your head. Also feed your spirit with the word of GOD while you're walking. I've discovered a great combination... A great workout while nourishing the mind, body and spirit. Oh, the joy it brings!

All of the above can be life-changing experiences during the pandemic and beyond. For me and many others, it definitely has been and in a very positive way. Don't let the negative vibes and fear around us consume you. Remain safe while focusing on your positives. Prior to Covid-19, most days for many of us were spent commuting to & from the office, on the phone handling business calls, racing to & from business meetings, business travel, attending events, and so much more. Many were more stressed out than ever prior to the slow down. Now, we all have the time to fully organize our lives, shift gears, while resting, strategizing and structuring differently as needed. Let's strive to focus more on the positive things as we get through this time; a time that is challenging for everyone. Again, we're all in this together. Let's remain prayed up for ourselves and for others as we strive to come out of this pandemic stronger than ever!

Nakeah Fuller

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