Non-Toxic & Loving It

With the abrupt & very shocking interruption of our lives with Covid-19, every store across the globe has been selling out of bleach, lysol, hand sanitizer & more. It is urgent that everything we touch and all surroundings remain clean and germ free for the sake of our health. But, what about your makeup? Something that also plays a serious roll in our lives & careers; whether you're a teacher, a corporate executive, an actor, actress, a bride, a banker, or a therapist, makeup is a part of many lifestyles. The question that is often avoided? Are you aware if the makeup you're using or if the makeup that someone is applying on you is well sanitized? How does one know if it's not contaminated with germs and/or unhealthy ingredients? How do you know if it's not loaded with ingredients that can cause skin disease, aging spots, eye infections, skin irritation? How do you know if animals didn't die for the cause? As a Beauty Expert & Educator of almost 2 decades, I would say these factors are extremely important for the sake of one's health as well. Not just for models, actors & actresses but for ALL. Enjoy the tips below.

This is a subject matter that often exists between my students, my customers, my staff & I. At the start of my curriculum "Day 1" of every makeup class and "Day 1" of every staff training session, there's a subject; an urgent subject that I've named "MSPH" - "Makeup Sanitation & Proper Hygiene". How many so-called MUA's have had this professional class? Not just my particular course, but a sanitation course offered by any great Beauty Professional around the globe? Training with a Professional Beauty Educator with true beauty industry experience and great credentials? Training with those who are qualified to teach on the subject? I can answer that with or for you... "Not as many people as you see applying makeup"; which saddens me amongst many other professionals in this field who are indeed qualified and hold dynamic beauty & skin care industry credentials. I admire influencers and this is absolutely no shade at all towards our new era of social media influencers. But the facts remain & I will shout it to the mountain top - "Proper makeup sanitation is a subject matter that is quite urgent!" Some would say that it's urgent now, more than ever. Me? It has always been a top priority and a very essential matter as many rarely cross reference makeup and health. But guess what? I do and I enjoy educating my customers, students, social media followers & blog readers. Knowledge is power. Thank you for joining me.

Below you'll find a few detailed steps to help you and your love-ones with proper makeup sanitation. Makeup is a part of our lives for beautiful reasons. It can be life-changing when the quality is great and when it's applied well. Remember, makeup should naturally enhance both your inner & outer beauty. One's overall appearance can depend on beautiful, fresh, quality makeup. I've witnessed job promotions happen, marriages enhanced, he or she got that leading role, brides being proud of their wedding photos for generations to come, confidence and self-esteem blossoms daily as I've also witnessed beautiful self-love come forth when he/she looks in the mirror. I always say it starts on the inside. A great outer appearance can represent all the greatness that is on the inside. My heart's desire is for our flawless beauty products to be life-changing for you - in a healthy way.

Benefits of Organic Makeup & Skin Care:

Our skin absorbs the products that we use and if you use makeup that has a lot of harsh chemicals, you can suffer from the side effects. Some see these effects sooner, others later. Our skin has the remarkable ability to absorb the applied products, partially or completely into the bloodstream. Up to 60% of the products we use on our skin are absorbed and deposited into the circulatory system. Cosmetics penetrate the skin to some degree. For instance, people who wear lipstick consume 3-6 full tubes in a lifetime. If you consider the ingredients being absorbed by the body, absorbing plant oils and waxes is healthier than absorbing petroleum by-products and synthetic chemicals. Research has clearly tied harsh chemicals including lead into breast cancer and alzheimer’s disease. Choosing lead-free products is perhaps one of the best ways to prevent exposure to numerous dangers that can affect our health in the long run. When applying products to our face, many rarely consider the danger that a certain brand or a specific item can potentially be destrimal to our overall health.

Sensitive Skin:

For people with sensitive skin, synthetic preservatives can be irritating, so that's one of many great reasons to go natural. The key is having makeup that has healthy, animal cruelty-free ingredients, while also having the excellent quality of also being long-lasting & flawless while matching your undertone to perfection. Not to boast or brag, but this is truly where