How to be a Black Lives Matter Ally

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I had the opportunity to share some tips & advice during a recent interview with journalist & reporter Lindsay Hoffman of US Weekly, InTouch and A Dose of Bliss as she reached out to ask me "How can I show support during the Black Lives Matter Movement?" Lindsay has always been very supportive of my career and brand and with great pleasure, I accepted her invite to publicly share ways that she & others can show their support. Off camera, we also discussed additional ways to better deal with those who attack her & others for being supportive & non-racist. Below, I've also listed a few important tips that were also shared.


  1. Lindsay was not familiar with the Juneteenth Holiday as this was/is not taught in schools. Knowing and understanding history is just as important as being aware of current affairs amongst The Black Community.

  2. We also discussed when dealing with family members & friends who are racist, address the matter. Do not sweep their comments under the rug by ignoring their racist comments &/or statements. Let them know where you stand and that they're NOT right.

  3. Share with them "I Take" & this great video while praying for change.

  4. We're hearing a lot of talk and sudden promotions & highlights of Black Owned Brands & People. It's interesting that many are suddenly using this movement as a platform to promote themselves. The Black community recognizes this, and I advise everyone to stay true & genuine with their actions; opposed to "show" words.

  5. Sign the petitions. Here is a list of numerous petitions that can help show your support.

  6. Be the change. Support Black Owned Businesses, Hire Black Employees and pay them well while treating them with great dignity & respect. Encourage your colleagues to do the same.

  7. Educate yourself. Research the history of The Civil Rights Movement and understand the history of the Black Community and the on-going fight for equality.

  8. Know the following:

  • What did the civil right movement do?

  • Was the civil rights movement successful?

  • Why is the civil rights movement important?

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~Nakeah Fuller