Green Vibration...

When shopping, I always search for fashionable, comfortable pieces for work and for play. I recommend specific curvy girl designers to my readers, my students, family, friends, clients and customers who all often ask "Nakeah, where do you shop?" or "Who's your favorite plus size designer?" I take pride in referring the best. As an artist & educator, I'm often in black, but it's always great to shake things up & vibrate the room with great pops of color. For me, uniqueness & quality wardrobe is everything. It's a must to invest in pieces that are unique, versatile and produced well. Comfort is also a must. Worthington often takes me from my business meetings to a fun night out with family or friends. I want to give a special thank you to "Worthington Women" (sold exclusively at Macy's & JC Penny's) for making plus size clothing that is fashionable, true to size, comfortable while having beautiful color options. I never knew how much I love green until I wore this particular silk blouse with the leopard print pencil skirt by Worthington. What I love most is the quality of the fabric and the fit rocks...

The beauty of Worthington Women as well is the fact that they're not only made for the conservative business woman, but also for those professionals who are more non-conservative. Those who prefer to have wardrobe pieces that are both suitable for the office and for those casual events outside of the office. There are classic pieces that are versatile & super cute for both professional appearances and can be dressed down for those casual off days. As a busy creative and CEO, my lifestyle happens to fit right in between the two. Quality, fashionable wardrobe that can be dressed up or down is essential. I wore this particular outfit for a business meeting. I initially tossed on a black blazer for the boardroom. My board members raved about the positive vibrations that my wardrobe & I brought into that meeting; making it even more productive as such great energy flowed as Team Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood & I handled our quarterly goals & calendar of events.

Prior, for happy hour with my girls, I've also worn this particular hi-wasted pencil skirt with a black sweater & black booties. For a more dressed down look, I've worn it with a t-shirt underneath a denim jacket. Every way that I've worn it, it's been fun and very comfortable as the compliments flowed continuously. But again, what I love most is the comfort and the quality of the fabric. Not to mention, the many beautiful color options that Worthington offers. The green fabric color popped so well, my team decided to use the image below to introduce our 2020 Ambassador Program.

Thanks again Worthington!

~Nakeah Fuller