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Enjoy new experiences in the New Year. Thank you "Catch LA"

For my birthday each year, I strive to experience something new. I want to also challenge each of you in 2023 to experience new things; new restaurants, new food types, new fashion styles, new beauty styles & colors, while traveling to new places and making new friends. Let's go NEW! Live life while being open to even more experiences this year. We've all gone through a lot dealing with a 2-year long pandemic. Covid still remains. But GOD has blessed us to still be alive and for great reasons. Let's fully experience life and all that it has to offer.

I wanted a new experience of an LA Restaurant with a fabulous vibe, delicious food & cocktails. December 29th, just as many others feel about their day, it is a very special day for me. And usually, for the holiday season I'm in Texas. Last Year's Birthday Celebration was in Dallas at a hot new restaurant that's now well known as Moxies. You can still enjoy those photos and videos on my Instagram @nakeahfuller. That was a dynamic evening of delicious food & fun that I'll never forget. This year, being that I decided to relax at my home in LA for my birthday, I decided to experience "Catch LA" located in West Hollywood. This would be something new and what an amazing experience it was! In preparation for the evening, I checked the weather and noticed that it was slightly chilly outside, but not quite cold enough for a coat. I decided to wear a warm leather jumpsuit by Eloquii who's known for their unique plus size styles. My accessories (earrings & rings) are by The Runway Boutique. Makeup by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood's 2023 Collection.

What a fabulous evening it was! Friends and I are still bragging about the food at Catch LA, the excellent service and their great cocktails. For my birthday, I enjoyed the Lobster Mac'n Cheese, with an appetizer of the Truffle Sashami and a taste of the Salmon Carpaccio. Everything was seasoned to perfection. I usually never eat raw fish but what the heck... We're trying new things now, right? Amazing! I'm so glad that I was open to it. Oh, and my cocktail of choice for the evening was their Lemon Drop. Let me just tell you "Alex at the bar made me the best Lemon Drop that a girl could ever ask for. It wasn't too sweet, nor too bitter. It was truly perfection. Our dinner server's name was Michael. He provided excellent service. I definitely made the right choice again this year for my birthday. I do hope that you too will enjoy the experience of Catch LA. Be sure to book your reservation in advance.

With great excitement, go ahead and embrace your new experiences throughout 2023 and be sure to stay tuned here on my blog for more exclusive recommendations. Subscribe.


~Nakeah Fuller

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