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All the right KICKS

As we jumpstart the Holiday Season with my favorite things, my desire & prayer is for everyone to have a great holiday season and a very magical 2021. With everything that's been going on since March 2020, I feel that this is the perfect time to introduce a few items that you'll love and items that your loved ones will also love! I hope that you've enjoyed the previous tips shared as well! Today, I'm excited to share with you one of my absolute FAVS! Customs that are quite special, one-of-a-kind & designed just for you. You deserve it! For many, many years... I wasn't a sneaker lover and I later discovered why and in my profession, I'm constantly on-the-move. Comfortable shoes are a must. Everyone needs comfortable sneakers. Preferably really cute ones. Although, I've made an effort to maintain comfortable flats, it's not always easy to find cute ones. Actually, it's quite a task. As well, I always felt that something was missing within my own personal collection of comfortable shoes. My wardrobe was missing the right sneakers! Then I was introduced to customs. Before, I could never find unique sneakers that truly made my heart smile. Sneakers that clearly represented my personality & style. As compliments overflow, now I'm a sneaker head as I enjoy the uniqueness that Kicks by JheriCoco brings to my lifestyle and overall wardrobe. They're truly one of a kind. All customized & hand-painted by one amazing young woman with your favorite colors, originated by you with your favorite characters, movie themes, sports team and style. Ooooh check out the detail...

Jheri Cavitt has designed for my companies for over 10 years... websites, business logos, storefront signs, product packaging, interior designs, customer thank you cards, custom business cards and all custom marketing material, while also teaching my students at Nakeah's Academy of Makeup the importance of having strong branding and marketing as they launch their careers and businesses as well. Her designs are always clean, sharp and unique. My companies always stood out & attracted great business around the globe because of her talent with quality, unique designing & branding. View more of her customs kicks below.

Jheri Cavitt has been spreading her beautiful wings as a strong, independent artist in Hollywood for over 15 years. With a degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington, her talent is quite exceptional. Upon her arrival to Hollywood, Jheri begin her career as a graphic designer for UCLA. She also has a very attractive resume as an actress, a professional painter, a fashion stylist and dancer. She's even taught me a few moves during her dance classes in Los Angeles, CA. LOL! I've had the pleasure of witnessing her build amazing store displays while also creating the most unique event themes for product launches while also painting murals in LA that inspire many from around the world. Below, you'll find the latest mural in my private VIP Makeup Studio. On her instagram, you'll find a great behind the scenes video of Jheri painting the beautiful mural for Blogger/CEO/Celebrity Makeup Artist Nakeah Fuller - "Lollipop Glam". My clients love it! They so enjoy a place where they can come for professional beauty services and relax, laugh, feel glamorous & energized both inside & out. Jheri's work has that effect on people. While sharing her talent and amazing creativity within the world of entertainment, she's recently launched her new baby "Kicks by JheriCoCo". Since the pandemic, she has custom designed more than 100 pairs of sneakers for women, men and children. Orders continue to flow in daily from around the world.

Enjoy your customs too!

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