Pressing Towards the "Beauty" Mark

Beauty is something that starts on the inside. Sharing life-changing beauty tips for the outer is something that I've done for almost 2 decades, but I often have the ability to tap into the inside; which is where it all begins. Empowering from the inside out is something that is dear to my heart. Why? When a woman looks in the mirror and knows without a doubt that she looks fantastic, this alone brings forth a since of self-love, inner joy & confidence that exudes an energy that can uplift & change the lives of anyone around her, no matter what. I always say... "When we look good, we feel good". That's a fact. Have you ever stepped onto an elevator and everyone looks a bit stressed, confused, angry, depressed or just down-right irritated with life for some reason or another? The atmosphere can be a bit heavy. I have been that person who stepped onto that elevator and glanced at that particular person or that crowd of bad energy and greeted it all with a smile and somehow the energy shifted in an awesome way. I've received in return that smile of hope or that smile of "thank you, maybe my day isn't so bad". I love spreading positive energy and that alone starts on the inside, but what makes it even better is the ability to share that joy, happiness & positive energy with others. I've noticed over the years, it's often presented by a person who feels great about themselves. One who loves what they represent & what they do. A person who has strong confidence and one who exudes happiness from the inside out. Life isn't perfect by far and it has its ups & downs, but when you do what you love, it can truly make a beautiful difference. When obstacles come, you woooo-saaahhh & jump back in the saddle. We continue pressing toward the beauty mark. Therefore, I'm very passionate about encouraging others to do what they're truly passion about in life while surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals. As a passionate Beauty Expert, it is my job to help others look & feel their best. Notice, when people are happy, fulfilled & confident, they're often a person in life who makes the world a much better place.

While visiting my hometown of Dallas/Fort Worth for the Holiday season, my Texas Team at Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood scheduled a Holiday Beauty Workshop happening on December 21st at our headquarters in Dallas, TX. In the midst of planning for the workshop & 2020 training classes, a graduate of "Nakeah's Academy of Makeup" who's an instructor at Ogle Beauty School reached out to me. We chatted about having me come in as a special guest speaker while home for the holidays. We scheduled accordingly. For me, yesterday was all about empowering & inspiring the students of Ogle. I had such a fun time & enjoyed the students & staff!

Ogle Beauty School has 8 locations throughout Texas and they're quite known for their dynamic cosmetology & esthetician program. I've heard amazing things & as a special guest speaker, I had the pleasure of witnessing and meeting many very talented students of all ages & backgrounds while empowering, sharing, building self-confidence and spreading positive energy to a room filled with those who are following their passion as they study at a great school. These students are completing the requirements to become Licensed Estheticians & Cosmetologist. I shared my story as a Professional Makeup Artist of 18 years and as a Founder/CEO in beauty. I also shared my journey & experience working in Hollywood in every area of beauty. As well, I shared an exclusive interview (enjoy the video too)! This group of Ogle students were very enthusiastic, and I know they will touch & change many lives through the art of beauty & esthetics. They will help men & women to look & feel their absolute best while changing & enhancing lifestyles in great ways. It was my duty to encourage & congratulate them! I reminded each of the students that they're each on a career path to greatness as they perfect their craft to help enhance the appearance of others while following their dreams. They will also help others to follow their dreams too! Over the years, while training at my academy of makeup in Los Angeles, I've taught hundreds & hundreds of beauty classes while empowering students at Beauty Schools throughout Southern California. I've also had students to join me backstage to learn & assist during awards shows, on film/tv sets, and at runway shows during LA & New York Fashion Week. It was a wonderful pleasure to finally be able to also share beauty & business knowledge at Ogle in Texas while being able to also empower aspiring Beauty Professionals of my hometown. The students of Ogle have shared how much they enjoyed learning more about my organic, animal cruelty-free beauty products as well, all while gaining knowledge of the business side of it all. My goal was to assure the students at Ogle that they can do it. I encouraged each of them to enjoy having the wonderful opportunity to learn as much as possible, while encouraging each student to remain focused on obtaining their career goals as they study and follow their passion. They too will touch many lives within their communities & beyond throughout their journey and it's important to me that they know their great options while learning not only the art, but the business as well. Together, we will all press towards the beauty mark of making the world a better place; a place filled with great style, happiness & positive energy that helps to build dynamic confidence & joy of others from the inside & out.

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Thanks for having me Ogle!

~Nakeah Fuller