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The Holidays are here & its the most beautiful time of the year as we excitedly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ around the world. The holiday season is a time that I personally love to share beautiful holiday makeup looks as ladies prepare for holiday parties and family gatherings, while spreading beautiful holiday cheer all while also gearing up for a prosperous & productive new year. Appearance means a lot as it plays an important role in self image, self confidence, woman empowerment, inspiration and much, much more. One's image can inspire others while generating & enhancing more positive attitudes & great energy. Enjoy the holiday season with great fashion looks & flawless, healthy makeup. I'm all about it and I love sharing ideas to help simplify this for others & gorgeously. Women are busy and spending long periods of time in the mirror packing on makeup is not a favorite for most. Therefore, here I'll share a few tips for the holidays & beyond...

Always remember "Healthy Radiant Skin is Always In"

Cleanse: Always cleanse your skin with an organic cleanser (preferably), morning & night. This helps to deeply cleanse your skin preventing pores from clogging which causes breakouts and aging spots over time.

Mask/Scrub: Be certain to use a botanical mask or scrub twice a week to help keep your pores nice & tight. This also helps to remove all dead & dry skin cells which often occurs during the cooler/winter months.

Moisturize: Moisturizing your skin daily & nightly helps to keep your skin hydrated while providing the nourishment that's needed. It brings great balance to the skin. Having dry skin can cause breakouts and skin irritation. Always remember, dehydrated skin shows all lines & skin imperfections. Well hydrated skin can reduce wrinkles, lines & skin imperfections. Proper skin care plays a very important roll in our skin's health, appearance & overall lifestyle.

Quick & easy Makeup Looks for the Holidays:

Following & maintaining a consistent & healthy skin care regimen is very essential. Also, using a healthy, camera ready foundation is a must. Make sure it's your perfect match as well. As a Beauty Professional of many, many years, there's nothing worse to me than seeing someone in a foundation that is either too light or too dark, too red, too pink, too yellow or too orange. Understanding your undertone & having it matched to perfection is also quite essential. Unfortunately in today's times, this has become rare. At Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood, we match ladies to perfection around the world virtually and it is an honor & great pleasure as my team of foundation experts & I have proudly mastered the beautiful art that has changed so many lives. We offer 3 organic formulas as beautiful options. Our customers have the choice to select what is easiest & most suitable for their lifestyle. There's a Cream to Powder Foundation for a heavier yet very smooth coverage, without the appearance of one's makeup looking or feeling heavy. There's also Liquid Foundation which too provides excellent coverage and can build up to a full coverage foundation as needed. Thirdly, there's our Powder Foundation for a light coverage but if heavier coverage is needed, our customers simply add an additional layer. Either way, you'll never have an overdone appearance. Each organic, non-toxic, animal cruelty-free formula is silky smooth, lightweight, long-lasting and looks & feels like you're wearing nothing. Skin should always appear fresh, natural & radiant, even when wearing makeup, no matter the age or skin tone.

Now, once you've added your flawless, healthy foundation, add a soft blush to accent your cheeks. Blush can be a very beautiful accent and also brings great balance to your overall look. Next, add a golden highlight/shimmer on your cheek bones just above your blush for a nice holiday glow. Add eyeliner for sure. This will awaken the eyes. If you have smaller eyes, apply liner softly. For eyeliner, I personally & professionally prefer using powder (eye shadow) as eyeliner for a soft but smokey look. Powder does not bleed or run and gives a more sensual glamorous appearance to the eyes. Remember, quality ingredients truly matters when applying makeup. Next & the big finale... add a beautiful pop of color on your lips. Change it up from time to time. I encourage my customers, family & friends to embrace different pops of color for the lips for each holiday event. This shows your beautiful diversity, while also accenting your fashion pieces for the holiday season. All very simple & easy steps, yet gorgeous all while your flawless makeup looks say "Happy Holidays" in a very unique & beautiful way.

Below you'll find just a few snap shots of great Holiday Looks. Each shot you'll find Organic, Lead-free, Long-lasting, Animal Cruelty-free Luxury Beauty by "Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood". A non-toxic beauty brand made with lots of experience and lots of love & passion. Our customers & I are truly, truly thankful for it. Have fun with your looks this holiday season. Enjoy flawless, healthy skin & pops of color on those lips. For assistance and/or color recommendations, please feel free to contact my beauty team & I at We've got your back, your perfect match & your stunning looks for the Holiday Season & beyond. Be sure to subscribe on the website for more exclusive beauty tips, upcoming events, promotions, exclusive workshops & much more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nakeah Fuller "The Beauty Expert"

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