Better Than Sex!

What a treat! I could not wait to jump back on the blog to share... Better Than Sex. A new unique desert bar that offers a delicious experience & a sexy ambiance. I was introduced to this super cute place as a the location to celebrate my dear friend "Lina Kennedy"; Founder & CEO of Alexandria Professional. Lina & I were scheduled to be in Dallas for business at the same time and didn't know it. Her assistant called me prior and asked if & when I'd be in Dallas, TX again. The East Coast needed to connect with the West Coast down South for some fun girl time. I shared with her my travel plans for Beauty Business and thankfully the dates worked out! Lina's assistant asked if I could be her surprise guest as they were planning an intimate surprise birthday celebration to happen while in Dallas for a seminar. We had lots to celebrate! So, of course I arranged my work schedule accordingly. I was excited to celebrate Lina's birthday as well as her new book "The Sugar Queen". She'd flown in from New York and I'd traveled from Los Angeles with plans to schedule in some personal time to catch up with family & friends. This would be a great break away from business for some balance during business travel. Lina & I were long overdue for some great laughs & I was looking forward to enjoying delicious desert & a glass of champagne. What made it even more fun, was the fact that the birthday girl had no idea that I'd be in town. She was totally shocked when she walked in and saw my face in Dallas. It was great! Thank you to the staff at Better than Sex for making my dear friend's birthday even more special. As I drove to this desert bar, I noticed that it's located in a very quaint area in Plano, TX; an area that I'd never noticed before. Although I'm a Fort Worth, TX native, I spent my twenties in Dallas, TX prior to relocating to Los Angeles, CA in 2004. Dallas has grown tremendously since then and "Better Than Sex" is now one of the latest & very nice additions to the thriving city. It's such a cozy exquisite desert bar founded with love & passion & it definitely shows.

Check out the founder's story. I recommend this place to many & it's perfect for a great date night. The service was awesome & the deserts were quite delicious! Me, being a caramel lover, my new found favorite desert on the menu is called "The Threesome". It's sooooo good! They have several amazing menu options & locations , including 3 in Florida, Los Angeles, California, Georgia and soon Tennessee! Enjoy the experience. I'd definitely say "Better Than Sex" is truly All Things Beauty...

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~ Nakeah Fuller

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