The Healing Stone

It feels good to be back to the blog! I'm always celebrating All Things Beauty & what a beautiful ride 2019 has been thus far! Thank you for following along via the Facebook & Instagram posts & stories. My brain has been in total overload and I've finally had the opportunity to sit still & make a list of greatness that I must share with you. Be sure to subscribe! I want to jumpstart the day by sharing unique must have pieces designed by one of the most talented custom jewelry designers that I know. I've had the great pleasure of working with & wearing many outstanding designers over the years, but there's definitely something quite special & unique about J'Cil White. She's also one who focuses on Healing Jewelry, Chakra Balance & Meditation... a few things that we all can greatly benefit from. I initially heard the term "Chakra" mentioned during my yoga class. I researched the term to gain a better understanding. I've learned that chakra is thought of as a wheel of energy within different parts of the body. When our chakras are balanced, we can live a happier and healthier life. Here, enjoy A Simple Guide To The 7 Chakras And How To Balance Yours. I will also share the dynamic benefits of the jewelry designed by J'Cil White - I was introduced to J'Cil's uniqueness as I prepared my wardrobe as key makeup artist for the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards. As my makeup team & I picked up our credentials the day before the awards show, I received numerous compliments on the necklace shown below. For the actual day of the SAG Awards, I wore a gorgeous arm cuff & ring. More recently, I've experienced the greatness of the all white Agate and later used it as an accent piece for a photoshoot for my organic, animal cruelty-free beauty brand "Nakeah Cosmetics Of Hollywood". Not only are her jewelry designs uniquely attractive, but during each experience of wearing it, it becomes evident the amazing energy that it brings.

Model: Haley Kubesh of Nous Modeling Agency. Makeup: Nakeah Fuller using all

Nakeah Cosmetics Of Hollywood. Hair: Tuyen Tran. Photographer: Mark Sacro Photography

The White Agate: A healing stone of harmony and balance. Known to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance as it is believed to help with mental clarity. A stone that will help one overcome negative emotions. Useful in releasing past traumas and alleviating anxiety, frustration and providing courage. Its affirmation is known to bring the perfect balance. The Brass is associated with attracting health, wealth and abundance. A metal known for its ability to boost the immune system. Brass will aid in enhancing courage and getting rid of fear. Its affirmation is known to attract wealth effortlessly. Channel your greatest energy. Contact J'Cil and enjoy beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

Thank you for celebrating All Things Beauty around the world with me! There's more to come...

~ Nakeah Fuller