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Releasing the Drafts! Oscars 2019

What a night of empowerment! As I look back over the past few months of 2019, all I can do is smile. In spite of a few challenges along the way, challenges that I've been able to overcome, I will say my heart truly smiles. You really don't know your strength until you overcome challenges that can in the moment seem very frustrating & ultimately impossible to handle. But, we get past them, we become stronger and we keep moving forward in effort to fulfill our destiny. So far, this year has taught me a lot; which has granted a dynamic form of growth. We are to live & always learn. Learning is again the essence of growth. I've met some pretty amazing people this year and I've gained a much better perspective about my journey, its purpose and the people who are a part of it. That's important to me because there was a time in my life, that I was just going for it, going through the motion, and with no idea what I really wanted out of it all. That makes absolutely no sense. We must never forget our purpose. I come to encourage and remind someone who reads this to write down your goals and always remember the reason behind it all. Surround yourself with those who inspire & empower you. Understand where you're going and why. Never just exist. Understand the purpose behind your vision and its hard work. And I did say "hard work" b/c it is so... nothing great comes easy. Hard work is definitely a requirement. Never expect others to do the work for you. I've experienced many that attempted to grab a coattail or two. That's not how "your" destiny nor "your" success works. Also, remember, why you started and why you work as hard as you do. And always know that "you can do it". Ask yourself, "what do you really want the outcome to be?" What steps will you take to get there? Remember its overall purpose. Write down the necessary steps you'll take to get there and review the details frequently. Go for your dreams, but remember the purpose for your dedication and sacrifice along the way. Pace yourself and surround yourself with those who inspire you to keep going. Take breaks. Balance is also key. Let's talk about the importance of balance in a future blog post. This too is quite necessary during our journey I've learned. Below, via the behind the scenes photos during Oscar night, it shows one of many ways that I find great balance... A night out with hard working colleagues and friends having a wonderful time. Fun times are crucial. On Oscar night, I celebrated with many who have been an asset to my journey; both personally & professionally. They too have worked extremely hard while sacrificing a great deal to achieve their highest goals & dreams. And while many watched it from thousands of miles away on their living room television screens, I'd like to share that Oscar Night 2019 was indeed a powerful night of floating energy mixed with strong faith, dynamic inspiration, great sacrifice, amazing empowerment & true dedication; a night of celebrating many lifelong dreams. It was an honor to be in the midst of such energy, inspiration, hard work and well-deserved celebrations.

My Dress: Custom Designed by Shanna Gall

Makeup: Nakeah Cosmetics Of Hollywood

Now let's chat about the amazingness of this year's nominees & winners!!! Even today, I'm still screaming for Ruth Carter, Spike Lee, Emma Stone, Mahershala Ali, Regina King, Olivia Coleman, Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper. All of my favorites! There are many more on the 2019 List that will now go down in history as deserved. I certainly feel that this year's 91st Academy Awards was one of the very best ever! And it is a dream come true to be able to witness it all as many of the best films were honored all while being surrounded by the creative geniuses of Hollywood. Thank you for following along during such a magical night via Facebook & Instagram Stories. Enjoy more great behind the scenes below. There's more to come.

This year's After Party was quite amazing as well. In the Instagram Highlights titled "Events" you'll also find great behind the scenes of last year's Oscar Night with the party rock'n to the live sounds of Katy Perry - See previous blog post. And of course, I danced all night! This year, as I take my followers behind the scenes, during my 2019 Oscar Night Social Media Posts via Facebook & Instagram Live Videos, I do hope you enjoyed hearing the phenomenal voice of John Legend LIVE during Byron Allen's 3rd Annual Oscar Gala. The event is always magical and done with excellence. On Facebook, I also shared a LIVE video / sneak peek of my friends & I being personally serenaded by Jamie Foxx; all while celebrating a magical occasion with so many hard working Oscar winners, nominees, actors, producers, publicists, writers and many of the best within the entertainment world. I'll continue to bring more great behind the scenes LIVE from Hollywood as we together celebrate All Thing Beauty around the world. Stay tuned and enjoy the best in Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment & Lifestyle.

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~ Nakeah Fuller

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