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Every girl requires the right bag. For every occasion, every style & every culture the right handbag is a necessity. I'm very excited to share the uniqueness of this one. Save My Bag was founded in 2013 by Valentina and Stefano Agazzi in Bergamo, Italy. Intended originally as a luxury waterproof cover to “save” a designer bag, "SAVE MY BAG" has a unique style of its own. Every design is chic, cruelty free, resilient and refined. The signature fabric is a super soft blend that is even lighter than neoprene made with premiere Italian Lycra to provide ladies with a lightweight, durable and chic design.

Save My Bag with exceptional quality reached international success by making sure each bag is carefully crafted in the Italian style; fabrics and hardware are sourced, designed and produced in Italy. I've received continuous compliments as I work, travel & enjoy the lightweight designs, optional sizes and beautiful colors. Many unique accessories are available as well. The perfect clutch that every girl needs in her life is also available in the most beautiful colors and includes the perfect shoulder strap for versatility. I often switch it up thanks to the included shoulder strap & wrist strap. I'm in love and you will be too! You must see the gorgeous "Clutch Styles".

Every step, including the designs, planning, sales and production process is done with great style and with soul. It definitely shows. Save My Bag is an example of Italian excellence that has guaranteed international success in just three years! The brand is distributed in 40 countries, 23 flagship stores and more than 1.500 selected boutiques throughout the world, in all major capital cities and in the most exclusive destinations. As you can see, from the handbags, backpacks, clutches, cosmetic bags, travel bags & more... I'm certainly enjoying the stylish designs & colors while also appreciating the many lightweight, fun options.

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