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The Under Armour Woman

Who says workout attire can't be fun and fashion-forward? No more ugly worn t-shirts and pore quality leggings that rip during squats or with every bend. As I always share during my beauty seminars, makeup classes & webinars... "When we look good, we feel good". Even at the gym, during a hike, a jog in the park or in yoga class, wearing the proper activewear is crucial. I've learned to always keep quality workout attire on hand & ready to go. There's nothing like the right motivation to exercise regularly & consistently. As busy women on-the-go, scheduling an effective workout regimen can be challenging, but it is essential. What motivates me most, is how great I feel after every workout and the energy that it gives to help maintain a very busy lifestyle. I've come to appreciate every single workout opportunity, especially now that I've discovered activewear by Under Armour. I'm now always excited to get dressed and hit it! Whereas before, I'd have to spend time motivating myself. I can think more clearly after a workout & I get to look great during by incorporating fashionable and very comfortable pieces. Attire that is much more comfortable & suitable for my curves during my workouts. Not to mention the designs that also better suit my personality and style thanks to Under Armour!

Once, I decided to step my game up and take better care of myself by eating healthier, loving myself more and working out consistently, I began to research proper activewear. In doing my research with fitness experts, I was advised to invest in true performance fabrics and workout attire that would provide durability, flexibility and comfort. The fabric by Under Armour feels so great against my skin and the sports bras provide the right support and the flexibility that's needed to move freely during my workout. Quality activewear is of the essence. The better the quality, the better one's performance can be. With workout attire including footwear by Under Armour, my cardio time and overall performance has increased a great deal; which means bye-bye calories. Yeah!!!

I'm very excited to share that activewear by Under Armour has provided great comfort and motivation for me as well as women around the world. Many plus size women have inboxed me on Facebook with kind words of how I've motivated them to exercise once I shared how to look & feel great during and after a great workout in activewear by Under Armour. With the perfect attire, it enhances and increases the will to exercise regularly for better health and great energy. Looking great during those workouts is an awesome bonus. An even greater bonus are the results.

What's even more cool is that Under Armour makes great activewear of exceptional quality in various styles, colors, and sizes that are perfect for us Curvy Fashionistas. When I'm dressed in Under Armour from head to toe, I'm Ready to Rock!

In the photos below, I'm wearing:

Women’s Studio Sports Bra

Style #: 1316178

Color: Merlot (564) / Merlot

Women’s Studio Leggings

Style #: 1305434

Color: Merlot (564) / Metallic Iron

UA Featherweight Fleece Funnel Neck

Style #: 1305498

Color: Merlot (564) / Neon Coral


UA Ultimate Speed

Women’s Shoes

Style #: 3019908

*See more unique styles: | Under Armour Women

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Facebook: @UnderArmour

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