Beauty Webinars: Women On-the-GO

As a "Woman On The Go" often times we're very busy, yet it's very important to always look the part & feel the part. Knowledge is power. And women on-the-go need to know! During my speaking engagements I often share "When we look good, we feel good!" It is true, we're often judged by our appearance and makeup plays such a major role in our daily lives both personally & professionally. It is a serious matter. I've seen promotions on jobs happen with the right appearance, marriages saved, self-confidence increased and relationships soaring. But, most of us don't have time to spend an hour on our makeup every day. Many ladies have shared their frustration with some youtube tutorials or having too many different products being required. They get frustrated and it all goes into a drawer... money wasted. I want to help. I want to go live! I've wanted to & now I have... incorporate a session that women need & want. I want to be able to answer questions and give answers that will elevate and generate great knowledge to make the necessary enhancement task easier. I watch many apply makeup and I see them going around the world to create a look. I see ladies on facebook post photos of themselves having dinner or having an evening out with their husband or girlfriends and the makeup is actually hiding their true beauty. Before, I was limited to my LA Classroom. Now, I'm excited to reach out & assist even more women & artists around the world. Many of us have no desire to be required to use so many different products in effort to accomplish a beautiful flawless look. "I GET IT". And I know often times, it is not necessary. We want and need to know the proper tools that are suitable for our busy lifestyle & our day-to-day tasks. Many would love to learn how to effectively apply without spending too much time on our makeup, without over-applying and without under-applying; while also learning how to preserve our skin and enhance our beauty daily while having knowledge to make a few quick changes to amp it up for those special occasions. Change is good! Change is of the essence but having the knowledge of knowing how to make those changes is what's key.

Daily as a Beauty Expert, a Celebrity Makeup Artist and as a Beauty Editor of many years, I'm often stopped in the mall, at the gas station, while walking my dog, while having lunch or dinner at restaurants as I'm recognized & I will share with you the first question is often "Nakeah, how does my makeup look?" or "Nakeah, I do not want to become a professional makeup artist as you have a school, but I would love to learn how to correctly apply my own makeup". I encourage ladies that my school is not only for desired makeup artists. My admissions team organizes classes according to the student's needs and skill levels. I've even heard "Nakeah, I'm glad you're not a youtube star, but... I do wish you would somehow share some helpful tips as your makeup & your makeup application on others is always quite flawless & natural". I'm also often asked "Nakeah, how can I learn what I need in my personal makeup bag or my personal kit? How do I know if I'm applying it correctly?" I've heard it all! And many are shocked that I do NOT use a countless amount of products to create a beautiful look, no matter the occasion. It's all about quality (including quality training), knowledge & techniques. Surprisingly as well, I often experience men asking "Nakeah, how can YOU help more ladies?"

After running a makeup school for many years, I became quite known for my quick, easy & flawless techniques. Making the glam process for day & evening beauty easier for a beginner or an intermediate skill level happens to be one of my gifts. I've also had the pleasure of providing refresher courses & advanced training to many Industry Pro's of many years. With great pleasure, I've trained countless women & makeup artists from all walks of life. Over time, many suggested that I start an Online Academy & although I've had the great honor of having thousands of students travel to Los Angeles over the years, there were many who were unable to do so due to other obligations such as work schedules, the distance, family responsibilities, etc. Therefore, I later launched a Professional Online Makeup Academy that allows me to train my students 1-on-1 Virtually! Teaching the business side of it all is very crucial to a successful career as well as learning great techniques. Training online 1-on-1 was the best decision for me and for many of my students around the globe. Ladies around the world have also been asking for the webinars as well. Now, I can deliver quality webinars along with dynamic virtual 1-on-1 training. Educating is my gift & passion and I believe that every woman deserves to look & feel her best. We're busy, but we CAN go to the next level & look our best more proficiently and flawlessly no matter what our busy schedules consist of. I know the tricks to get it done and I'm very excited to share!

Many will enjoy magnificent, quick & easy beauty enhancement training for themselves while gaining life-changing ingredient knowledge, profound beauty & skin care wisdom & all with step-by-step instructions. I am very excited to bring the knowledge to the web along with quick & easy techniques. With my experience as a Beauty Expert, Beauty Editor, and Master Educator in beauty for almost 2 decades, I understand the importance of ladies being trained by an experienced professional. One who has extensive experience, strong passion for beauty & the right credentials. I believe that with my training lives will be changed. Many will be empowered & motivated. Self- confidence will increase and many will receive great knowledge that can be past on for generations.

Mark your calendar. April 21st is my Webinar Premiere. Join me! We're going to have a great time! Check out the website for more information & to sign up.

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Women On-the-Go Need To Know!

I'm honored to train you & I look forward to sharing.

Nakeah Fuller

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