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Oscar Kick-off for All Things Beauty

Finally, finally, finally.... A quiet evening at home, a week after an entire week of celebrating the biggest, grandest awards night of the year! As always, I dreamed of a quiet evening at home with you and my laptop to be able to share great behind the scenes during the celebrations of the 90th Academy Awards. Thank you for following along on my Facebook & our business Instagram during my posts and live videos! It was an honor to be in attendance while being able to share behind the scenes with my readers. Following the Oscars, as a Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Brand Owner, we were slammed with beauty orders from around the world! I was also booked with back-to-back campaign shoots & photoshoots with actors in Hollywood all while managing magazine interviews & online makeup classes with our customers around the globe. I've maintained great anticipation & excitement of updating you with Oscar News along with great behind the scenes as we also continue celebrating All Things Beauty! Thank you for following along and joining me here on the blog. I have much greatness to share along with exclusive content saved just for you!

As the kick-off of Oscar week, what a beautiful night it was at Lure in Hollywood for the 2018 Pre-Oscars Gala as Uptown Magazine Honored Hollywood, presented by Lexus. The evening was filled with beautiful fresh flowers, champagne, great food, delicious cocktails featuring the great taste of Ciroc, beautiful cars by Lexus and a lot of wonderful, hardworking, talented people. It was so great to see everyone let their hair down to have a great time. I'd personally like to share a special "thank you" to the dynamic team at Walter Isaacson (check out the 1st photo below of Mr. Aaron Walton & I). It is always a pleasure seeing Mr. Aaron Walton who is one of the partners & great leaders of Walter Isaacson. He is the coolest, happiest & most stylish businessmen that I know with a personality that exudes excellence, professionalism & positivity. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Aaron Walton last year during award season and with great admiration of the agency and a very impressive client roster, I'm always excited to congratulate he & his team for their great works in the midst of our busy schedules in Hollywood. This was a night of celebrating that and more!

Prior to the after-party, there was a very beautiful gala that took place as actress Chandra Wilson received the Uptown Magazine Honor Award for her Positive Portrayal and Advancement of the African American TV & Film Community. She shared this year's honor with 3 other very influential film directors in Hollywood such as Gina Prince-Bythwood, Dee Rees and Stella Meghie. The kick-off party hosted by Uptown Magazine & presented by Lexus was indeed the perfect way to start off Oscar week as many of the industry's best in beauty, fashion, entertainment & lifestyle were in attendance for their very sophisticated gala & after-party.

Enjoy a few great pics taken behind the scenes below. And as always, questions that many asked me throughout the evening... "Nakeah, who are you wearing?" And, "Nakeah, what's the name of that beautiful lip color you're wearing by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood?" Here on my blog, you can always find specific details, direct links, the latest & the greatest in beauty, fashion, entertainment & lifestyle. Uptown Magazine & Lexus surely know how to celebrate greatness & in the most beautiful way!

Stay tuned here at All Things Beauty as I have much more exclusive news to share with you during the 90th Academy Awards. Remember to also subscribe for updates.


-Nakeah Fuller

All Things Beauty

Leather Dress by: Eloquii

Fashion Stylist: Jheri Cavitt


Makeup: Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood

(New Liquid Velvet Lip Color: "Kisser" apart of my exclusive gift sets)

Let's go Behind The Scenes: Oscars 2018

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