Queen'ing in Ray Darten. #WakandaForever!

Updated: Apr 21

With the celebration around the world of The Black Panther Movie, directed by Ryan Coogler; many have joined a beautiful movement of unity, power and strength by celebrating in gorgeous African attire. I chose to celebrate and represent the dynamic culture in a beautiful design known as the Adunni Dress by "Ray Darten". See more images below.

Ray Darten specializes in designing deeply rooted African-inspired clothing and accessories focused on using their styles to tell stories of the magnificent Nigerian culture and heritage. Their beautiful clothing is handmade in Nigeria and I must share, the look & feel of their fabric is quite amazing! I was so comfortable wearing this dress throughout my busy day and can assure you, because of the gorgeous fabric, unique colors tones and cultural designs, every women is sure to feel like a queen wearing designs by Ray Darten.

Ray Darten represents an idea held by Yetunde Olukoya, a medical doctor turned designer, whose idea has finally come to life... transitioning from a long adored hobby and taking the huge leap to share its uniqueness with the world. She strongly believes in sharing her handcrafted pieces, made of bold ankara prints, with styles geared towards complimenting each individual's unique beauty.

As a renowned Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert, I knew that I wanted to celebrate the greatness of The Black Panther Movie in a unique piece that represents not only beauty, power & strength of the African culture, but also the femininity, fashion forwardness and overall sensuality of a woman. From the moment I stepped out of my front door, people were stopping me continuously with great compliments of this piece. My neighbor who's not very sociable actually shouted across the street "Oh My Goodness Nakeah you look amazing, where can I find that dress?" I then heard throughout my day from both men & women... "Wow, what a beautiful dress!" Followed by constant questions of "Who are you wearing?" I was delighted to wear a piece that actually made people smile, a piece that brightened up their day as it made people excited just by its presence. Many could actually feel the great energy and positive vibes that came with wearing such a beautiful piece. The response when posting images on Instagram & Facebook filled my brand's social media inbox (@Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood) with questions... "Is it true to size?", "How do I get this dress?" Followed by many more great compliments as this piece empowered so many while generating great energy. I'm proud to share that every woman deserves to look and feel as amazing as I did wearing Ray Darten.

See more unique styles below. Visit the website. Shop & enjoy!

Website: www.raydarten.com

Instagram: @RayDarten

Facebook: @Rdarten

My Accessories by: Jlani Jewels

Shoes: Steve Madden

Makeup: Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood