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Empower, Inspire & Enhance w/a Beautiful Bright Smile!

As a Beauty Expert, I'm always researching products of exceptional quality. I find it important to know and appreciate the best in all areas of our daily lives including the finest quality skin care ingredients, high quality makeup ingredients, great quality product packaging, unique fashion pieces of great quality, accessories & fragrances all made of exceptional quality. Why? I'm a firm believer in the statement "you get what you pay for" and one's presentation, personal hygiene and overall appearance is indeed a major factor in our day to day lives. I'm having a total blast making an impact with a brighter smile! No matter what industry we're a part of, our daily activities begin and end with personal hygiene. While researching the best toothpaste options to ensure fresh breath and whiter teeth, I was introduced to Colgate Optic White; a mint toothpaste that was specifically designed to help gain & maintain a bright white smile while keeping my breath fresh throughout each busy day. I immediately noticed how it made my teeth feel; cleaner, fresher and less sensitive. During my young adult life, I wore braces for some time. This left my teeth very sensitive. Colgate Optic White has actually strengthened my enamel while ensuring a deserving bright white smile.

As a Professional Makeup Artist of almost 2 decades, I spend a great deal of time in very close proximity of others speaking and engaging in conversations while enhancing women and while grooming men for photo shoots, for film/tv and for red carpet appearances. I wake up daily excited to look the part, to be the part all while encouraging others to look & feel their absolute best as they strive to conquer their personal and business goals. Having fresh breath and a great appearance is a major factor in all that we do. For me, having a refreshing & professional appearance is quite relevant. I'm happy to share the compliments that I often receive on my smile. This contributes a great deal to my business. Colgate Optic White delivers whiter, brighter teeth & fresh breath. As well, as a morning coffee lover, I appreciate its quality because it goes beyond the surface to remove stains while protecting my teeth from cavities. The flavor is minty and very soothing leaving my breath fresh and ready for close engagement while I enhance others. Not only does maintaining a brighter healthy smile help as far as our hygiene, our self-confidence, and our appearance during engagement, but remember it can also empower, inspire and enhance the day & mood of others during those encounters. Thanks Colgate Optic White for a wonderful daily experience!

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Let's continue celebrating All Things Beauty!

- Nakeah Fuller

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