Birthday Jumper!

Over the years, I've always had a big birthday celebration each year. However, for this particular birthday, I figured I'd just relax at home while being low key for a change. Throughout the recent holiday season, my family & friends continuously asked me "what are the plans for your birthday this year Nakeah? I said, "I'll lay low this year and will likely relax at home with a good movie, light the fireplace and use my birthday as an excuse to cheat on my diet". The holiday season is always a very busy & hectic season of very long work hours for my cosmetics brand, my online makeup training program and back-to-back industry holiday parties all before multiple family Christmas dinners. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and my birthday falls at the end of a long month of awesome holiday celebrations. Therefore, in my mind, I actually pictured myself finally relaxing on the couch in my pj's with my dog, candles, a glass of wine and maybe even my favorite caramel sundae. I was excited about the evening of relaxing on the couch for my birthday for the first time ever. However, a hot velvet jumpsuit was brought to my attention by an amazing Fashion Stylist "Jheri Cavitt" and suddenly, just 1 day before my birthday, I'd been inspired to go out & celebrate! So, I decided to plan a last minute, intimate cocktail party with close family & friends and what a night it was. Yes, I'd been inspired by a jumpsuit. LOL!

During speaking engagements, makeup classes and while enhancing my clients around the world, I always share with others "when we look good, we feel good" and I felt amazing in the pleated velvet jumpsuit by Eloquii. While enjoying my birthday guests, strangers walked over to our dinner table throughout the evening complimenting the hot jumpsuit. I must say, it fit my curves perfectly. Jumpsuits are my absolute favorite and I love how comfortable this one is. In most cases, because of my height & waist line, I often must send items out to my tailor for alterations; especially jumpsuits. However, with Eloquii's design, I've discovered jumpsuits that fit my body well. The fabric quality is also great. Surrounded by the most amazing group of people, awesome music, delicious food, good cocktails, great laughs, flawless beauty and hot fashion, I soon knew that a night out for fun in the perfect outfit was definitely the better choice. Thanks to Eloquii for the inspiration!

Once again, another year that I can share "my birthday celebration was truly fun & fabulous!" A wonderful night filled with a lifetime of beautiful memories. I left the cocktail party with a heart filled with joy while saying to myself "this was the best birthday ever!" It truly was, and I have Eloquii to thank for being a part of a very special evening.

Happy Birthday to me!

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A special "thank you" to Fashion Stylist "Jheri Cavitt"

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