Groove'n with Mega Boom!

How many times have you felt like a drag, tired, flustered and short of energy? Then you turn on some great music and all of a sudden your day begins to flow perfectly and your tasks all begin to fall into place. You turned on the great sound of your favorite songs and you can now actually think! Your mood becomes better, even your wardrobe for the day looks better, ladies.... that hair & makeup turns out even better. Your energy shifts and your overall mood says "Today is going to be fantastic". You begin to groove while appreciating your day much more. Well let me tell ya', the UE Mega Boom plays an amazing roll in the success of my day and many around the world. I could not wait to share its music magic with you. The quality is phenomenal as it projects 360 degree sound that is crystal clear. I was so impressed with its sound as well as the sleek portability, its battery life, its weight & the easy wireless function. Check this out... you can also pair up a 2nd Mega Boom wirelessly in an additional space for a party. I use it when teaching makeup class as my students groove to the awesome sound while learning beauty! The awesome sound sets the atmosphere up perfectly. Because of Mega Boom's sleek polished look, available in a variety of nice colors, it is also attractive and doesn't take up much space, yet it still gives the powerful sound of a major surround sound. Definitely a 2018 must have!

Music plays such a beautiful roll in our daily lives and the UE Mega Boom being a portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for travel and perfect for entertaining. It is so easy to use. Another really cool function is that it can be used to make calls as well! This is a fantastic way to make those hands-free calls when you're busy. My callers always compliment how crystal clear I sound from afar. Mega Boom has an app that you can download which controls your sound and allows you to connect that second speaker whenever needed. It fills up the room with such beautiful sound, your guests will groove from room to room keep'n the awesome energy flowing because of its awesome sound. Yes, anyone can play music directly from their phone, tablet or laptop; however, when you connect your bluetooth function to a UE Mega Boom... I tell ya', you will dance right into every task feeling good, grooving to the crisp-clear quality sound no matter where you are. My UE Mega Boom travels around the world with me giving me that extra bass & crystal clear sound to get me moving in all the right directions. Oh & wait... IT IS WATERPROOF!!! Let it float in the pool or let it make you groove in the shower! What a way to start a day. Gotta love it!

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