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As a busy women on the go, I've discovered a great way of keeping my hands 100% free without the worry of carrying a purse. Yes, I'm quite girly and totally love a great fashion shoulder-bag or hand-bag; however I've also discovered the luxury & fashionable way of keeping my hands totally free while on the move by being a backpacker! Once I tried it, I said "I've been missing out!" While working in Los Angeles and New York City, most of my days are filled with fast paste tasks, lots of travel & time sensitive industry adventure. Often a change of clothes & shoes, a cute clutch, a book for the subway, snacks, a bottle of water and of course professional makeup tools & cosmetics are all quite essential while multi-tasking throughout the day & evening. My days are filled with handling various tasks whether for work or pleasure and backpacks are always quite convenient when shopping, working, traveling and exploring. It feels so good not to haul around my makeup kit, a heavy purse and/or a carry-on suitcase while racing to catch a flight and once I discovered the amazing Swedish Brand "Gaston Luga" because of their backpack sizes, their variety of beautiful classic styles & not to mention the awesome quality, I'm excited to share more...

I initially discovered the convenience of carrying a backpack while working as a Professional Makeup Artist during New York Fashion Week. I'd traveled from Los Angeles to New York with a jam packed schedule of runway shows. LA is a place where most of everyone's daily task consist of stressful car commutes, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. However, in the Big Apple the adventures of hopping on & off a subway, in & out of a Taxi, Uber or Lyft are most common. As for me & most, dealing with a purse when going from runway show to runway show in a crowded place, I will say a backpack made my life so much easier. I honestly felt so free & much better organized! I could move & shake so much better. I knew then, after my initial backpack experience, I was hooked! The backpack life has broadened my days of beauty business & fashion adventures. I totally enjoy the convenience and freedom so much and can move a lot faster which leads to getting more tasks handled. At the point of my initial discovery of the convenience of having a great backpack, I said to myself "if I'm going to join the exciting new life of being a backpacker, I must own pieces that not only fit my style, but must also be of exceptional quality". It needs to be able to handle the fast pace of my lifestyle without breaking down on me. Quality & style are both relevant. I was then introduced to "Gaston Luga" by a member of my team at Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood. He knew that my favorite color is pink and waaaahhhh-laaahhh cute, pink, quality backpacks I now have. When travelling, the passport and travel ticket is easily accessible and at the same time safely kept. Gaston has a special pocket made for this purpose. Carl Sunqvist (the Founder) decided to let this legacy go on and incorporate this detail to all backpacks, which has now become an elegant leather detail.

Gaston Luga offers a large variety of sleek, unique, modern styles & colors for both men & women. However, for us girly pink lovers (see more below), our Gaston Luga backpacks are filled with our favorite things from our makeup to our favorite book, fashion magazines, a change of shoes, our favorite fragrance, our cell phone, a tablet and more as needed. There's room for it all! Another amazing quality about this awesome brand, the backpack never feels heavy. I've tried other brands that can feel quite heavy & uncomfortable or they will not hold what's needed; however because of the quality fabric and great compartment options, you'll too be quite comfortable having your hands free while carrying a fashion piece that allows great freedom, style & comfort all while being prepared for whatever comes your way.

Gaston Luga is definitely a must have for 2018 & beyond... Check out their luxurious, classic, modern styles below. Also view the Gaston Luga Look Book

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