Fashion Democracy...

Plus-size supermodel, body activist and lingerie designer, Ashley Graham believes a woman is not defined by a size or a class, she is defined by herself. "Sexy comes in all different shapes and sizes"... I must say, I completely agree!

Therefore, I must introduce to you the trendsetters within the plus size market. Addition Elle has pushed the envelope with their unique styles, true fashion, their perfect fit for curves and with their awesome quality. Their clothes look & feel so good on my body. In the collage above you'll find a featured post by the awesome brand as I rocked their "Love & Legend Wide-leg jeans" with their "Michel Studio Blouse". No alterations needed! Perfect for a busy day of fashion & beauty business in New York City. The Addition Elle brand definitely epitomizes the chic Montreal culture of effortless, cool, individual style, combined with femininity and a dash of rebellion. I speak from experience. Talk about All Things Beauty...

Wearing this dynamic brand has been such a chic experience, I might add. For many years, as a plus size women who embraces unique style, an appropriate fit, edginess, true fashion + flawless classic beauty... it can be challenging finding the right pieces that are suitable & compatible. However, after being introduced to "Addition Elle", I am elated. Often retail stores offer plus size styles that are either a bit too conservative or styles that are made of poor quality. I've also battled with having to settle for pieces that did not quite fit my style which lead to tailoring, or having to squeeze in additional time for alterations which also often lead to having pieces custom made due to the lack of style that is offered on the market for curvy women.

Below are a few more styles that I've also enjoyed. This is a brand for plus-size women who are searching for trendy, flattering and fashionable clothing made of exceptional quality. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed...

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Bag shown below: Save My Bag Italy

Makeup: Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood

Wardrobe: Addition Elle

Let's celebrate All Things Beauty...