The TOCCA Experience...

It is such an honor & wonderful pleasure to be able to share with my readers the "MUST HAVES OF 2018". After a very relaxing & blessed holiday break while spending quality time with my family in Texas, with great anticipation I am very excited to get back to my blog with lots to share as we've entered a new year that will be filled with greatness, growth, luxury & amazing experiences. I truly believe that 2018 will be a year of great accomplishments for many around the world. Lives will be changed, voices will be heard, amazing new experiences will happen and great goals will be obtained. With magnificent pleasure, many will experience the excellence of phenomenal innovators. I'd like to kick off my first blog post of 2018 sharing the greatness & femininity of "Tocca" (which means "touch" in Italian). A very elegant collection that is truly a must have as it was designed to bring cherished inspirations to you from around the world.

Hand Cream:

Say "bye-bye" to dry hands & "hello" to rich, soft, sensual hands. I've experienced the exquisite beauty of Tocca's Cream da Mano. An amazing hand cream in fragrance "Bianca". It is a luxurious, moisturizing, quick absorbing hand cream enriched with natural extracts from shea butter, avocado oil and aloe. This rich cream leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and lightly fragranced of green tea and lemon. Not too oily or too sweet... but just right with the perfect amount of moisture with a beautiful fresh fragrance. It smells heavenly as it accentuates a woman's soft touch, femininity and her unique beauty.


The next item that I must share after an experience with Tocca's "Meet The Girls" which are fragrances in a deluxe collection of portable, pocket-friendly sprays which include... Cleopatra, Florence, Stella, Giulietta, Colette, Bianca, Liliana, Simone, Isabel and Emelia. These girls travel around the world with me and for very beautiful reasons! A must have collection of fragrance minis - perfect for travel. Also available in a very elegant trio collection (refer to images below)... A trio of chic, feminine fragrances to evoke your most elegant side.


I'm also in love with Tocca's newest luxury candle "Copenhagen" from their Voyage Collection which is all about taking scent trips around the world. From Bora Bora to Montauk, Tocca’s candles are inspired by places you’ve visited or hope to visit. As it burns, the lovely scent of lingonberry and cedar filled my home with a beautiful, fresh scent that inspired me to experience even more beautiful places filled with relaxation, beautiful adventure and tranquility. Their candles are made in the US, hand poured using a proprietary wax blend, and have 100% cotton wicks. The pretty white jar is made from thick frosted glass that looks very elegant in any space filling the atmosphere with a luxurious fresh scent. Burn time: 60 hours.

Available at Blue Mercury &

Tocca has an array of divine products. View more of the unique collection of "Must Haves" - A hand-crafted collection of exquisite items designed to bring relaxation, beauty, peacefulness, comfort and cherished inspiration. Truly a luxurious experience of All Things Beauty...

Tocca's full collection is sold at Nieman Marcus & Sephora.

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