A Spoonful of Comfort!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

It's the holiday season and schedules are busy with work, holiday planning, gift shopping, decorating, holiday parties and so much more. One of my biggest tasty treats this holiday season was the experience of "A Spoonful of Comfort". I could not wait to share its very pleasing taste with you. It is not only delicious, it is also the perfect gift that any & everyone can & will enjoy. It is perfect for the holidays, perfect for a winter date night, get well gifts, sympathy gifts, thinking of you gifts and so much more. While enjoying a "Spoonful of Comfort", it became quite obvious to me that the ingredients are filled with lots of genuine love. I must share, I've never been a soup lover at all; but I have to admit, I am now!

Due to lots of non-stop travel for work, speaking engagements, event planning, campaign shoots and more all while being in many different climate changes, I began to feel under the weather and I needed something quick, tasty, filling, soothing & healthy all while relaxing in my pajamas at home for the evening. It's too cold to go out for dinner and who's wants to be coughing & sneezing over a hot stove? No one. I realized, the perfect soup by a "Spoonful of Comfort" could make an evening at home relaxing & enjoyable and that it did. It definitely provided the instant TLC that was needed. In the past, I've experienced soups that were not flavorful or filling. After trying several different types of soups over the years and being unimpressed by them, I'd given up. However, after hearing amazing things about a "Spoonful Of Comfort, I decided to give soup one last try and I am so glad that I made this decision. Finally a chicken noodle soup that I can truly enjoy and I'm certain that you will too! I found myself surprised. Why? Because, I LOVE IT & much more than I anticipated. It is simply delicious! First, along with its mouthwatering taste, I was also impressed with its overall presentation (refer to photos above).

The delicious handcrafted soup comes packaged in a unique airtight keepsake jar wrapped in a very nice aluminum bag that keeps it chilled with an inserted ice pack during shipments. It can be shipped anywhere in the world and everything remains fresh. The Jar is 64oz for 4-6 servings and there are added bonuses! It comes with homemade bacci rolls, 1/2 dozen delicious gourmet cookies, the cutest ladle and a thoughtful personalized note card. I realized, this is not only the perfect gift to myself, it is truly the perfect gift for friends, family, customers & staff. See website for several different flavors & options. Everyone should experience this heavenly treat for sure. A "Spoonful of Comfort" is definitely full of All Things Beauty. Enjoy!

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