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BOND - A day with "Pierce Brosnan"

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"Bond. James Bond"

So much fun on set grooming the legendary "Pierce Brosnan". Here you'll find some great behind the scenes as we celebrated his greatness while enjoying the awesome experience of such a dynamic personality. I was greeted with his gorgeous smile, his British accent and a big hug. We laughed, we talked, we worked to get the job done & we laughed some more. Talk about a great time with one who's not only gorgeous on the outside, but one who's also quite amazing on the inside. Pierce's energy is astonishing & quite genuine. My purpose & focus for the project as Key Makeup Artist & Hairstylist as always is to make sure that he looks amazing. I'm happy to be able to share an exclusive right here with my readers. As a Male Groomer of many years, I've had the awesome pleasure of working with many legends. Many whom I grew up dancing to their music as a teen or watching their talent on television... from Harrison Ford, Blair Underwood, Russell Simmons, Mike Epps, Freddie Jackson, Obba Babatunde', Terri Crews, NFL Hall of Famer Randy White and many others. It is truly an honor to also add this great experience to my roster of credentials - The amazing presence of a favorite actor of many "Mr. Pierce Brosnan". Known for his movies such as "James Bond, Mamma Mia, The Son, Golden Eye, The Thomas Crown Affair, After the Sunset, Remington Steel and the list goes on & on. Mr. Pierce Brosnan also earned two Golden Globe Award nominations, first for the television miniseries Nancy Astor and next for the dark comedy film The Matador. Now his latest film "The Foreigner" with Jackie Chan is indeed a must see. You're in for a real treat of any film that includes this awesome and extremely talented man. Pierce Brosnan is indeed dynamic both on & off camera and I'm excited to share with my readers more of his greatness from a personal experience as we continue to celebrate "All Things Beauty".

Enjoy the behind the scenes above. I'd also like to share a special "Thank You" to Lane Bryant for the very comfortable & fashionable wardrobe during this project. For dinner, I wore a very warm & cozy sweater dress; also featured in Glamour Magazine. While working on set with the great legend Pierce Brosnan, I was very comfortable in Lane Bryant's black skinny jeans and sweater top with cut out neck-line which added more fashion & flare. As a Beauty Pro to the Stars, it is very important to not only look the part, but to also feel the part while being very comfortable and able to move quickly as needed for hair & makeup touch-ups while on set. Working on set requires a lot of swift movement & the right wardrobe plays a great role. Whether I'm traveling, teaching a makeup class, doing public speaking, working in the office, or working my brushes for a magazine shoot or movie, wearing pieces that compliment my style, my curves & my personality are all very important factors. When we look great, we feel great. Thank you again Lane Bryant. I appreciate this season's unique style and the exceptional quality.

Check out the trailer of Pierce Brosnan's latest movie: The Foreigner which is a timely action thriller from the director of “Casino Royale". Stay tuned here on my blog as I'll have even more great news featuring this amazing guy thanks to Esquire Magazine - China.

Now let's talk skin! As we know, appearance is everything no matter what area we live & work in. As an expert, I'm very passionate about my specialty because it is indeed quite life-changing.

Pierce Brosnan's Skin Care: Man by Nakeah:

Makeup: All Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood....

Talc-free, Camera Ready "Satin Finish" Liquid Foundation is what I use to smoothly even out the skin as it gives a nice, even, natural & very fresh appearance for camera while preventing shine. Nakeah foundations are known to also feel very light on the skin while also preventing an overdone appearance; but still giving the perfect amount of coverage. It photographs AMAZINGLY. Men as well as most women don't want to feel the heaviness of makeup. Talc-free foundation by Nakeah prevent the heaviness. It also prevents the skin from appearing too light under camera lights. As the flash hits the skin, it's very important to make sure there is no bounce back. Naturally flawless is key for the skin of both men & women. Using the wrong foundation for camera can ruin any shot forcing the editing crew to have to fix it in photoshop which can completely change the desired mood, natural look & feel of the overall shot. Not good. Makeup & ingredients truly matter. I'm honored to be called upon & trusted with one's appearance both on & off camera. I appreciate the many years of knowledge, wisdom & experience in the area of skin care & makeup for both men & women of every skin tone, ethnicity, background and culture. Overseeing one's look & appearance is an honor that I don't take lightly.

A special "thank you" to such an awesome team from China, LA and New York. A team of experts who all came together to capture the greatness of an amazing man. Again, enjoy the behind the scenes & stay tuned for more of "All Things Beauty".

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Thank you for joining me & Happy Thanksgiving!

Nakeah Fuller

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