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HOT JOY! Thank YOU...

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I had to take a moment to share a special "Thank You" to the team at HOT JOY Dallas for a very unique dining experience! I was sad to hear the news that HOT JOY in Uptown Dallas has closed; although their San Antonio, TX location remains open! I am happy that I had the opportunity to experience this fun, unique place before their departure from my hometown. Texas is quite known around the world for its delicious southern food. This place brings a unique experience for the South. Once I arrived back to Los Angeles & prepared to share this great experience with my readers, I was advised by a few fellow Texans that their Dallas location was gone and only a Pop-Up. It closed for good & only after 3 months of being in Uptown Dallas. “We thought it would be a good fit,” says Jack Gibbons, president of Front Burner Restaurants. “We played and put resources behind it, but it just didn’t work.” The restaurant group opened the Dallas location of the San Antonio-based restaurant in July 2017. Since then, business has been slow. “We have the building for two years and then it’s going to be torn down,” he says. “The space has so much flexibility. It used to be a Texas Land & Cattle.” The restaurant group plans on turning the space into another pop-up, but in the meantime it will be used to host private holiday events.

Although this cool, exciting place has departed Dallas, TX I'm happy to share my overall experience with you; especially for those who reside or may visit San Antonio, TX for work or pleasure. Embrace the unique experience. The staff, atmosphere & service was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the food as well. HOT JOY is a unique place with a beautiful Asian themed atmosphere that has a unique taste which I feel brought a different experience to Dallas. It was indeed a unique vibe and I wish the very best for their San Antonio location. My favorite was the "Crab Fat Caramel Wings". Absolutely delicious! I will also share my least favorite which was the "Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts". Other menu options made up for that. The menu is very unique; yet I'm sure many have their favorites just as I. My dear friend/famous photographer joined me for the experience and raved about the "Viet Po Boy" & the Bahn Mi Kobe Burger Sliders. The cocktails were spicey; but also very tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed the "Piscolada Fizz" made with Pisco, pear brandy, strawberry, lime, agave & cream; which is a great desert cocktail. He enjoyed the "Kamehameha" which is a Japanese Whiskey.

Hope is not lost, though, for those who may also find themselves craving the popular chicken starter mentioned above, the recipe can be found on Bon Appétit and there’s always San Antonio. Thank you Team HOT JOY for this opportunity. I look forward to also celebrating & experiencing what your future unique dining experiences will offer.

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