Harbor Dining in NYC - Pier A...

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Kudos! Kudos! Kudos! While entertaining family who visited New York City during Fashion Week, I asked a few people "Where is the best place in Manhattan to enjoy great Seafood?" "Pier A" came highly recommended and let me just say... the experience exceeded my expectations! "Pier A Harbor House" is located at 22 Battery Place, New York, NY, right on the beautiful Hudson River. It is a historic New York City Landmark that opened in 1886 as the headquarters for the New York Harbor Police and Department of Docks. "Pier A" once served as the VIP entrance for European Ambassadors traveling to Ellis Island and the main station for the Marine Division of the New York City Fire Department. It is now known for its amazing waterfront views, dynamic food and bar. Not only was dining by the water very pleasant while enjoying their delicious food & cocktails; but the view of the Statue of Liberty and the overall atmosphere was very relaxing. The food, service and drinks were exceptional. Although it was a very busy lunch hour, the wait for a table was not long at all as my guests and I witnessed the host do a great job at seating everyone quickly. We were excited to give the food a try. I enjoyed the delicious shrimp & watermelon salad; which was absolutely delicious! My cocktail of choice was the awesome Southern Cross. My guests enjoyed Oysters, their Classic Fish & Chips and Tuna Tartare Tacos. While rolling with a talented crew that truly appreciates delicious food & great drinks, I was very happy to see that everyone was very happy with the overall experience of "Pier A" while enjoying a tasty lunch by the water. I've definitely found a new dining favorite!

Check out their website: www.piera.com

Instagram/Twitter: @PierA_NYC

Facebook: @PierANYC