Pink Power... 59-Carats worth

Anyone who knows me knows that PINK is a color that makes me happy. Why? For many years, people would ask me, "What is your favorite color?" I'd say yellow because it was bright & represented sun light, beautiful weather & happy faces. However, the color pink continued to rule. Whenever I wore pink, compliments from family, friends and strangers would consume my day. But most of all, I noticed, I'd feel extra sexy, extra feminine, and extra proud to be a women. Pink is quite powerful & not only for women, but it says powerful for men as well. When a man wears pink & well, have you noticed the attention he gets? Pink is indeed powerful. Here I share with you the "Pink Star".

As a lover of All Things Beauty, a dear friend introduced me to the Pink Star & I choked. It will take your breath away as well. A 59.60-carat pink diamond, yes PINK. The finest in colored diamonds. This oval cut rock is the largest diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America. The dazzling stone sold for $83 Million at Sotheby's Geneva. It is now headed to Hong Kong for a do-over. It has already been rated as the most valuable pink diamond ever sold at an auction. The Pink Star will re-enter the market soon and I'm sure at even a greater value after it's make-over. While many continue to gag at the site & presence of this pink beauty, it will remain the most expensive & prettiest diamond in history. Talk about pink power!