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Oscar Week Is Here!

Ballots are in and the countdown has begun! I must say, Hollywood this time of the year is indeed an amazing place to be. It's award season! Many of the most talented stars; those that we enjoy watching on the big screen are nominated for the most prestigious award of the entertainment industry. Winning an Oscar is every actor's dream. How many times have you stood in the mirror or jokingly said to a friend during fun times "And The Award Goes To!" Those words actors spend their entire lives sacrificing for, studying for. Those are the words that every actor works extremely hard for throughout many, many years; pushing through blood, sweat & tears while hoping to one day hear their name following those words. What an amazing accomplishment and so greatly deserved by the recipient.

Stay tuned right here as I'll be sharing exclusive details directly from the celebration along with more amazing beauty, fashion & lifestyle news. Also, check out previous blog posts as I enjoyed sharing directly from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, People's Choice Awards & The Screen Actors Guild Awards!

Enjoy & thank you for joining me!

Nakeah Fuller

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