Mad et Len Sang Bleu

How relaxing to embrace such an alluring fragrance. Hand-poured wax candles made in France, the Sang Bleu Candle by Mad et Len is handmade using age-old methods and carries the allure of black current liqueur laced with the delicacy of rose. The essential oils were immersed in the French apothecary tradition. The raw ingredients and natural oils within their ateliers in Saint Julien du Verdon. The candle's intimate scent is very pleasant and quite beautiful bringing a scent of freshness and pure relaxation. The modern black iron vessel is one-of-a-kind and comes in a 10.5 oz container. It has an extended burn time of 70-75 hours. This is the scent "The Queen" loves and it never makes her feel "Blu".

The right candle scent can not only increase mental & physical relaxation, but also helps to increase focus. I was introduced to scents of Mad et Len by the Candle Delirium located at 7980 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046 -

I hope you too will enjoy the splendid experience of "Mad et Len Sang Bleu".