Desert Anyone??? Must Have Valentine's Day Sweets...

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Now that I've shared Valentine's Day Beauty Tips, I'd also like to share recommended places to go for your Valentine's Day Sweets! BIG Sugar Bakeshop is quite amazing! A dear friend brought cupcakes to a cocktail party that I was hosting in Downtown Los Angeles & let's just say... after biting into my first one, it was truly "Love At First Bite". I literally had to ask "Where did you find these?" Being a Texas Girl who's quite use to delicious buttery homemade deserts, for many years I found it hard to find anything comparable. I'd given up; until I discovered Big Sugar Bakeshop. All of their deserts are made from scratch & with the finest natural ingredients. Their chocolate is imported from Belgium and France. You can surely taste the difference. A must try! For special occasions, their cake art is pretty amazing as well. Enjoy!

Big Sugar Bakeshop: 2 locations "Downtown LA" & "Studio City".

Website: or click on images below...


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