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The Perfect Look for Valentine's Day & Beyond! Pop those Lips... Muuuuaaah!

I'm always excited to share beautiful makeup looks for every occasion; rather day or evening. Here you'll find a few recommended makeup looks for Valentine's Day!

Beauty Knowledge Is Power

Remember, a pop of color on the lips is always quite beautiful! The key to any look of course is wearing flawless "talc-free" foundation. On model Kristin, I used my Organic Liquid Foundation in color "C3" applied all over with my Dual Buffer Foundation Brush; which helps the foundation to be applied smoothly & evenly. Foundation was set with my Dual Powder Foundation in color "C3". Eyes: Prime the entire eye area including the brow bone using my amazing concealer. Once the entire eye is primed, apply neutral tones. Eye shadows used were "Latte" (a gorgeous nude) contoured with Hefner (the perfect shade of brown) applied in the outer crease only. Always keep the brow bone nude (with concealer). Brow Pencil used "Taupe" which prevents any blonde and/or red head from having brows that are too dark & overpowering. Be mindful of using brow pencils that turn waxy. Now lets talks blush. Accent those cheek bones with a blush that's not blotchy. Make sure it is true to color & blends smoothly. Remember, blush should never sit on top of the cheeks. Your face should appear airbrushed if applied correctly while using quality makeup tools & quality cosmetics. For blush I used my best seller for fare skin tones "Adults Only". This look was topped off with Liquid Lipstick color "Vamp"... a deep blue red that creates a classic look. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Red Carpet, Weddings or for any glamorous occasion. All products used are by "Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood" - *LIVE CHAT Available!

Above/Photo Credits: All Rights Reserved

Photographer: David Tessieri -

Fashion Designer: Delise' Ana -

Model: Kristin VanOvan: Instagram - http://instaramcomkristin.v15

Makeup: Nakeah Fuller -

Hair: Viara Nasyrova

Master Educator

For many years, prior to launching my own makeup academy, I was often contracted by other makeup schools to teach what was called "Ethnic Beauty". A makeup subject that was difficult for instructors to effectively teach "I was told" but a subject that came very easy for me, no matter the ethnicity; I've always enjoyed teaching every area of beauty & makeup application. However, for African American Women it is very important to understand our undertones and what colors do & do not work for our skin.

Applying Beautiful Makeup Can Be Quick & Easy

It's important to know what's too much makeup & what's not enough. As well, the quality of makeup tools used to apply & the quality & ingredients of the product both play a major roll in one's time & outcome. Applying makeup on yourself or on someone else should be a glamorous & enjoyable experience; always. On model/actress Shah Granville, rocks my beautiful nail lacquer "Chainmail Charm". For her makeup, I used one of my best selling eye shadows "Foil" which is a gorgeous gold tone applied on her lid & inner crease. For her outer crease, I applied a dark brown to contour the eyes with my eye shadow color "Brownie"; again leaving the brow bone nude. Before applying shadows, always prime the eyes with my concealer "2 shades lighter than her actual foundation color" for a nice highlight in the brow bone. Blush: Plum Princess which is a deep wine color; another best seller & very popular for women of color. It is the perfect cheek accent. For lips, using a lip pencil is highly recommended to prevent any smudging. I used lip liner "Scarlet Red". Lip Gloss: Fire Engine Red. Please also understand this fact, one cannot pull off the perfect eyes, gorgeous cheeks nor the perfect lips without the right foundation. I applied my Talc-free Cream to Powder Foundation in shade "C10" again using my Dual Buffer Foundation Brush for a smooth even finish. Her eyebrows were softly filled in with my wax-free eyebrow pencil in shade "Medium Brown". Quick & Easy!

As many have stressed their frustration with watching tutorials, I am aware that many have tried watching the 30 steps & 30 different products being shown on social media sites which is not for everyone; however my quick & easy; but precise techniques have been exceptionally good to me & to thousands of others around the world. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Photo Credits: All Rights Reserved

Photographer: Mark Sacro -

Model: Shah Granville - Instgram:

Makeup: Nakeah Fuller -

Additional Recommended Looks!

Makeup by my students for their final exam photo shoots...

All Rights Reserved by the Nakeah Cosmetics Academy


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