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Welcome To My Blog! Read all About It... With so many amazing experiences to share, The All Things Beauty Blog is here! Thank you for joining me in celebrating greatness around the world. For many years, many have asked “Nakeah, you’ve worked with countless models & celebrities in Hollywood ( Go Behind-the-Scenes ), in 2006 you founded an outstanding makeup academy as you & your staff trained more than 5,000 students who've completed your dynamic program at Nakeah's Academy Of Makeup”. Now for almost 2 decades you’ve worked in every area of beauty (film, television, runway, bridal, red carpet & more) - As a Beauty Editor, you’ve written numerous beauty articles for magazines nationally & internationally. You've worked on National Campaigns as a Professional Makeup Artist & now an Influencer for brands such as AT&T, Samsung, Under Armour Women, Numerous Plus Size Fashion Brands & more. You've owned your own beauty store well known as “The Nakeah Cosmetics Beauty Lounge” for many years on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, CA. You’ve managed makeup artists around the globe while booking your top academy graduates throughout the industry of beauty, fashion & entertainment. Now as a dynamic keynote speaker, you’re invited to speak at women’s conferences around the world; empowering women to follow their true passion while sharing outstanding beauty tips as you empower & boost confidence; the confidence that it takes to truly thrive. As a Texas Native, you've were awarded as a Female Success Factor & voted one of the "Top 25 Women of Dallas" by Rolling Out Magazine. You're an Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You’ve launched your very own Healthy, Non-toxic, Animal Cruelty-free Beauty line of Organic Cosmetics & Skin Care - Nakeah Cosmetics Of Hollywood & Man By Nakeah. And the latest, while sharing your amazing story of triumph, determination & success, you've recently launched your new baby Brunch And Beauties - a dynamic Women's Organization that brings the best of the best together to empower, inspire & educate women & entrepreneurs around the world! So, WHAT'S NEXT FOR NAKEAH FULLER? Will you continue to educate?  Will you ever write a book? What's next?


My response to what’s next…“Wherever GOD leads me, I will go”. I'm enjoying the journey! It’s quite obvious that I’m very passionate about the amazing art of beauty & empowerment while sharing with others as I enjoy utilizing my gift to empower, inspire and enhance around the world. It fuels me to see others look their best & BE their best. I’ve recognized my gift of seeing & pulling out the best in others; both inward & outward. And here on my new blog, I get to celebrate greatness around the world. I get to share the greatness of others with my readers. And, I thank you for joining me for continuous updates. I do hope you'll be inspired as you too utilize your gift. Before we get started, remember to also take a moment to click the menu above & read more “About " the Nakeah Fuller Brand. Also view & shop “Nakeah Beauty”. Enjoy my new blog while being well informed on the latest & the greatest in beauty, fashion, entertainment & lifestyle. Also, join me on social media. Here, you'll find ONLY the very best & great inspiration. Thank you for joining the celebration. I hope you enjoy my BLOG!